What do you "See" in posters here?


Fun little experiment, hopefully.

Most everyone here has never seen the other face to face, and not that many people that frequent here have shared pictures on here from what I can see.

After awhile you get a slight mental image of your head that is most likely totally wrong of other posters you see a bunch, this is that place to speculate, for fun.

For example, in one of the Lounge’s I said mIRC was funny on occasion, and he recorded his voice and quoted me saying “on Occasion?” three times and for whatever reason ever since then I’ve imagined him as a tall guy. I don’t know how or why, and I didn’t even notice it at the time.

Redbeard I have seen pictures of but I still occasionally see in my head a visual of him mixed with The Hulk’s face so him, but with a wider face.

Specs is just Link, even though I’ve seen his picture, and Kromo exists only in 2 dimensions. These are just a few examples.

Have fun.

Edit: I actually read most of Shaft’s posts in Eazy-E’s voice, so really any tiny detail is worth mentioning.


You’re only doing this cause I ghost-pic’ed myself in The Lounge.
I approve. :tup:

Also, Shaft Agent’s voice is that smart-mouthed kid in school who knew got damn near everything and you couldn’t prove him wrong cause most the time he was right, given carefully placed difficult to attack answers.

“Nu uh… teacher said…” God I want to kick that dude’s face in. Come here, Shaft.


Whatever ppl have in there AV is what I expect to see IRL.


Wait what? Ghosted? Are you talking about the fuckin’ metallurgy thing? :rofl:

Oh, the pic, nvm.

It may have led to it actually, but you did say you were short and it was implied somehow you were/are black.

Yes I know, you wish it was past tense, you on that Jackson level. Probably a Witness too.



I like to imagine Fishy with one eye.

Because in my mind, he lost it to drunken stupidity.

He also has an eye patch, and a peg leg just for fun.

In fact, just imagine an Asian version of this guy:



Everybody looks like their avatar.


For you, yes, because it says Simpsonized, so I assume you or someone else made that image custom. for you.


I see RockB looking like Suge Knight.
Million is Pinhead. Not the insult, the Cenobite.
Havatchu is a young white girl who loves to like.
Ben Perkins is his best avatar before changed it to purple Sub-Zero.




Val is Toronto Batman…


I’ve seen pics of Perkins, he’s like half Maxamillian and half him^ hahaha.

And I’m a young white man who likes to love, thank you very much. And it’s not like I “like” everything, I “like” it if it makes me chuckle or laugh.

So I’m like a reverse trap then Jag? :rofl:

For some reason I thought Perkins was overweight when he rocked that goofy faced Guile from SFXT.

Maybe it had to do with bears farting in his face for Bison dollars.

…It did.

RockB is the first av I saw of him, of some pissed off black guy in a gif.


Man it’d be so cool to be a Yoshi…


More than once has your likes made my day better.


Thank you for the signature Hav.


I would love to hear this if you PM me or just post here.

I “like” to hear about internet things and human things.

Yes, it’s gay, shutup.

HAHAHa, I am officially in more sigs than NickGuy and his “totally cool 09’er” status sig.

Jag I see working and being a little taller than average, husky build.

I’ve seen a pic of you before, it was your av, but I actually can’t bring it to mind.

Matriarch I just see the av even though I’ve seen your picture, something about the snake I guess.

Just realized we both rock pale bitches.


I don’t get mental images when I read posts, but rather what the voice would sound like

Matriarch = Daria
Both AL and Ben Perkins = Bruce from family guy
Million = Andy Rooney


That’s interesting.

I actually either see the dude from OfficeSpace or whatever that white thing was that looks like Twelve from 3S

And I think of you as Twelve, by the way, with your special extra e for no reason.

Is tweleve a word or something I haven’t heard of?


Play the arcade version and see what happens when Twelve is an option in the screen where you choose which opponent to fight. Arcade only, not console.


Ah, gotcha.

Just saw that the same thing happens with Armaggon in this vid. :sunglasses:

God I loved renting this game, I think my cousins might have owned it.


God the damage scaling is so bad. :rofl:


The lispy motherfucker? Hells no. I actually have a surprisingly deep voice.


You and like 1 other person on this site have seen me…that I’m aware of :confused: I ain’t as scruffy no more lol


I actually don’t even know how I started to associate you with it. AL I’ve seen his pics and with his posting style, the voice makes sense to me. You I haven’t seen, but I think I started it after that weekend where you were basically high and drunk all day and shit