What do you think about character lock rule in tournys for ssf4ae ? do u think its a fair rule?

first i m not living in the U.S , i dont watch streams much due to time differs, so i dont know what rules are reliable or the best rule that would comply with ssf4ae series and that pleases the players in case of 1 character lock or two character lock or all character open ? since this games got bad matchups and its like realy bad sometimes ,even chosing differs ultra wont change the match up sometimes , so i m looking for some advice here from the commuinty and tournements organizers.

i don’t believe players should be locked in to characters… But that’s just my opinion, this rule is pretty much more opinion based than alot of other standard rules.

What’s the current rule for US majors? Winner keeps char, loser can switch, both can switch ultras at any time? I’m fine with that rule.

Not sure on a character limit in the USA. But in many tournaments I see in Japan they stick to one.

Do you play(no offense)? It’s good to have an alternate, but you should still learn your bad matchups. Just because it’s a bad matchup doesn’t mean you can’t beat the player?

Usually here in the US you are not character locked in a singles tournament. In a 2/3 format, the winner stays the same character but is allows to change ultras, but the loser can change characters. In Japan, they’ve traditionally done character locks.

In a singles tournament I don’t think character lock is a good idea, you shouldn’t have to lose just because you face a bad matchup that you have no way out of. You should be rewarded for being able to use multiple characters at a high level. But consider that if you lose the first match, counterpick to win the second match, you risk playing a bad third game. Your opponent might end up counterpicking your character, and you might end up losing.

That being said. I have an old school mentality of just sticking with your character. If you just stick with one character and learn both their good AND bad matchups thoroughly, you stand a better chance of winning than just counter-picking based on the matchup with a character that you haven’t invested as much time into as your main.

Shouldn’t have to lose? The solution is to get better and out play your opponent.

I’d prefer a mix of both USA and JPN systems:
Register 2 characters: main and sub. Start with the main. Change (or not) if you lose one.

Never understood the idea of restricting what chars a person can use. If you’re willing to leave the comfort zone of your main because you think it’s better for the situation, then more power to you. If you play 6 chars equally well and want to switch it up among them, even better. We shouldn’t be putting artificial barriers in place as thinly-veiled attempts to bar counterpicking.

Super Turbo. The counterpicks. Glorious.

2/3 games in anything but JP arcades has been the standard for welp knows how long.
If you win the first game, you can just counterpick if you feel happy to in the third if you lose the second.

And screw this registering characters bs. It gives me less incentive to have pocket characters to wow the crowd (not like it will happen to me, but there have been many examples in the past).

This rule should be determined by what the character select screen allows. The character lock that occurs after winning a match shouldn’t be enforced if the character select screen allows you to choose another character (this usually isn’t possible on an arcade cabinet, you are literally locked if you win).

Combining that approach with blind picking seems to me to be the best way to determine who is the better player.

This is why some of the most enjoyable tournaments I’ve been in are ST no character swap tournaments. Sign up, write down your main, use that main the entire tournament.

Otherwise, default has been winner sticks to character, loser picks. If loser counter picks, he risks winning and being counter-counter picked third game. There is a method to this madness.

I agree, which is why I support the idea of sticking to one main character and thoroughly knowing all of that character’s matchups, like I said in my previous post. However you can’t deny the inherent advantage/disadvantage of playing in an unfair match at the highest level. For some people, they’d much rather learn a few characters to make up for their bad matchups. To each his own.

I don’t really care either way. Anything works, really. There’s no “wrong” for this situation.

Personally, as an Abel player, my character is very very weak to the twins and divekicks in general, so I picked up Balrog. I don’t play him in any other matchups but those, or at least try not to seriously. I sort of think of myself as having a couple differnet characters and choosing the best one to tackle a given matchup

Counter picking makes the game(and tourneys) more fun.

I remember an announcer saying that zangief is a bad matchup for Rufus.

Then justin wong bodied the shit out of the Gief player.

Ironically. My mains in sf4 are Fuerte Vega. Who I think have the same crap matchups. They each just allow me a different approach.

But yeah. Learn your matchups. Pick up on your opponents’ habits. I think it’s great when you beat a guy who’s got the advantage matchup wise and gets frazzled thinking “crap I should be winning. Matchup is my favor”

Well i do play , my main is (dic)bison @ densuo , I agree that you have to learn your bad matchups and I m actually against the no character lock rule , it’s fun but it’s also a big mess specially when u have small community that got few players with gr8 skills , and many auto pilot/flow chart players , I like the idea of combining the two systems (1 main and 1 sub )That kraiger mentioned , it seems much fair , hmm blind picking is an interesting idea too .

The character lock rule exists so local single game single elim tournaments can run on time, to run without judges to enforce double blind picks, and without having to make crazy rules on character select screen gamesmanship.

Meh. I rock T. hawk no matter what. Half the roster seems like a shitty match up, but meh. When I picked up Hawk last year I hated losing to unfair conditions, but I got through it by learning the matches better. Suck it up. Lose. Learn. Apply. Rape.

I wouldn’t mind having to register an alt. tho, that makes more sense than counterpicking to be an ass bag.

I also play Bison (he’s my alt though), but no matter how Godlike you are if you meet a Guile you’ll most probably lose the match if the player knows the matchup, unless of course you’re a MUCH MUCH better player than him.

Character lock only makes sense in team based tournaments, otherwise you should be able to change your character IMO.