What do you think about my first 100% custom boxes?

yeah i know they are not that beautiful… i know that two buttons are missing but these sticks will be used only for 4buttons fighting games/shrumps/beat 'em up…i know they seems quite cheap but honestly i can’t do better than this :yawn:
I made a mistake about the buttons…as you can see in both the pics the layout is not the same as the neogeo one as i planned,it turned up pretty different…but overall decent…

and here we are (wires/pcbs-free):

Dreamcast/Pc (the two buttons on the side are the start(dc,pc) and coins(pc) ; and the two holes are for the DC wire and the USB wire… a bit huge,eh? i know…)


Playstation1/2/Pc (The two holes are start and select/coins)


The size is huge i know but it’s ok…have to put some more nails though ghgh. both will be black with red balltop and buttons, i will arrange something for the plexies and then the artworks…

It’s my first attempt to make something 100% custom and i think i made it quite well…dont u think? :chat: ahaha

I will keep this thread for updates…:china:

much better than what i could do. nice work fiol!

woah thx :smile:

That is nice, four button love!


just a question ,how is the LS-33 (Seimitsu) for fighting games?

Seimitsu LS-33 might be too bouncy because of the very loose spring.
I like it because it is very light to move.

the top panel is too thick to use snap ins, and nails are a no-no. Wood glue will be much sturdier and safer as well as letting you make a smaller box.

why too thick? i mean the snap ins fit in the right way …what’s wrong with it?
about the size of the box it’s my mistake … i did a wrong calculation …next time i’ll be more careful ^^ but for now the size is not that bad to me,it’s huge i know but it’s not uncomfortable to play with…about those nails,yes they are just temporary ^^ anyway thx for the suggestions really appreciated that

It looks big enough for happ parts, is it ?

yes that for sure :razzy::sweat: … well i think so,never had happ parts in my life :smiley:

the ls33 is awesome. I like it due to the large throws and very light spring.

I put a Home depot spring in a ls-33 to tighten it up. I didn’t like how the light spring makes me relax my hand too much to return to neutral.
You have to mount it really close to the surface panel since the shaft is really short. Top mount it The mounting plate should sit under the acrylic layer or just under a metal panel.

I think the large throw can be attributed to the fact that the pivot is placed higher up in the stick changing the angel or rotation a bit, compared to an LS-32 or JLF.

Is there a particuaur reason the stick is soo thick? Well looks like plenty or room to work with. Reminds me on my second case for my first stick that I put in a old speaker box.

well i thought that 1.5cm wasnt that thick… the top panels of my other 2 sticks are 1.5+plexi (2mm) and everything is fine… i mean it should have been 1cm height (the panel),wouldnt be too light?

edit:ah w8 you mean the height of the box? yeah my bad

anyway i will re-do the top panel of the first one because of the layout (not the size though)

i just started to paint the 2 boxes ( http://i526.photobucket.com/albums/cc349/malossi2009/Image009-2.jpg )… meanwhile i did the plexis and the artworks:

they turn out pretty good (cellphone photo) i have to say
i know that the neogeo layout was:
but we find more confortable

Looks pretty good, but it’s a little tall? I thought you were going to use Happ parts at first with the tall case. Nice job, though. I have no woodworking skills (and tools) at all.

yeah they are huge :looney: my mistake but since i’m not in the mood to re-do the all thing i just keep it like this…not a big deal though, it’s quite comfortable as it is…
today i checked again the paint and it’s not that good…so i came up with an idea… tomorrow i will realize that and post some pic :wgrin:

It does look way too tall, and personally, I’m not digging the hinge, I think screws would have made it look a bit cleaner, but what the hell do I know, I haven’t built one myself yet. Looks pretty good.

:angel: i c your point… i find hinges quite useful to me,not that beautiful but useful :wgrin: anyway appreciated your comment :slight_smile:

Hinges are a pretty good idea, actually. As long as the base is stable. It beats having to unscrew 4 screws all the time.

True, it has its advantages, I’m just saying having it show on the back makes them stand out. Your stick looks good, I do like it, but for the hinges, I was thinking maybe lay them flat on the bottom so you don’t see them. Thats just my opinion though, others may like the look.