What do you think about SF4 for iPhone Blanka?



i bought the game a few weeks ago when it was on sale for $0.99 and boy, blanka seams really strong. cLK connects very easily. though i have trouble doing the super/ultra with the ipod touch screen.

anyway, did someone else take a test drive and if so, what are you thinking of this blanka version?


Is it really relevant if Blanka is strong in the iPhone version of the game?
I hope that there will never be a tournament for iphone, just enjoy the game while you are waiting for the bus.



just press the ultra or super bar… I use the ‘easy command’ mode… i find it more fun like that… since the controls aren’t that great.

I do know vs CPU (or maybe even humans) blanka ball getting counter hit reminds me of SF2 days… it makes no sense… it’s like you take triple damage of whatever move they counter hit you with… so Ryu’s shoryuken as a counter is not fun.

I THINK its possible to c.LK into ultra i’ve seen that once but hard to replicate…

aside from combo department his ball seems to be more safe because your opponent got less options with their moves…

i feel like the lack of fake ball kinda makes him very limited to his offensive choices… especially against characters like cammy/dhalsim who you can’t just ball in…

I dunno in general i feel like he’s pretty much low tier on iPhone but still quite fun to play…