What do you think about Yun and Yang's nerfs in Ver. 2012?

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edtion Version 2012 is finally out! But you probably already knew that. However, the twins, Yun and Yang got hit with the nerf stick pretty hard. Care to discuss my fellow SRK users?

Seems pretty good to me. They are with the rest of the cast now. Here’s hoping for a balance level like we saw during Super days and we have a lot of variety at major tournaments.

I LOVE IT :smiley:


I don’t feel that Yang needed to get walloped quite like he did. Oh well, now to wait for people to complain and demand another rebalance :smiley:

I just hate the lack of meter gain from when I do the palm strike, the chip damage reduction on the palm strike, and both their supers.

perfect amount of nerfs

saw your avy, and expected different, im fucking hammered and stoned and mentally ill.


Yun is pretty okay. I really don’t like Yang’s changes at all. St. LK and his crossup were 2 of the best tools he had and now they’re fairly useless. Definitely not that scary after lp.rekka x 1.