What do you think Fuerte needs in SSF4?

I’ll let you guys discuss it since I’m no expert, but from what I’ve seen at least more HP.

This should be a decent thread… I did post all of the stuff I wanted in the general discussion thread, but here it is again since it makes more sense to have it here, I’ll just delete my post in the other thread.

There are a few things I would like to see to give fuerte a buff:

  1. HP increase to 1000 or at LEAST 950.
  2. faster normals (I dont want them to be Balrog fast, but even a slight increase would be appreciated)
  3. His “old” ultra should deal more damage.
  4. have better uses of QBomb and make it connect with more combos.
  5. Get rid of Gordita Sorbat and replace it with something more useful.

HP increase I think is the most important, and very much needed.

As for his second ultra, It HAS to link through a combo using FADC, maybe with the Qbomb or something else. As far as how it looks like, something lucha libre-like. I was thinking maybe he should push the opponent on the ground kneeling and then do the famous move of luchadors running and kicking the person in the face from the back, then that should propel the opponent into the air, and then Fuerte can finish it off with him jumping into the air and grab him with style to pin the guy on the ground

But I know myself very well, even if nothing of what I wish happens, I will still continue to main Fuerte, cant get enough of this awesome cook and knowing how to handle 8 more new characters should make it more interesting. BUT, I do plan to have a permenant secondary out of the new comers, havent decided yet but definitely not T.Hawk (I dislike large and slow characters).

His health is fine.

Faster startup across the board. each button we give up makes us lose something (LK lose teching, MK loses shower kick, HK loses Dropkick / Slide) the risk should be rewarded given how easily punishable this move is.

EX Q-Bomb charge time reduced from 8 to 5, and should combo from anything that can combo to normal q-bomb



Change input to :QCF: + K

LK 1/3 distance default, 1/4 held back, 1/2 screen held forward, fastest recovery

MK Most stun damage out of the three. Half screen distance default, 1/3 back, 2/3 forward

HK always knocks down, same as MK distance. Slowest recovery

EX always knocks down.

Also: as Skisonic said in the Q-bomb thread, make that shit throw invincible.

His slow-as-shit normals as should deal a bit more damage.

far standing LP and crLP should be made at least 1 frame faster.

Remove Gordita Sobat in favor of something else. Shit’s useless given his crappy normals and you cant really do anything with it afterward.

remove target combo. Shit’s useless.

If it’s true that everyone gets a second ultra, make his second one an offensive based one. Flying Gigabuster is defensive, so give him something to pour it on.

I hope you checked the Q-Bomb thread. Q-Bomb has it’s uses. But we don’t need it for combos. Here’s why:

All In all I want Fuerte to be a daze machine and have LOTS of ways to do it. make Q-Bomb useful vs Turtlers, light damage and harrasing with hab dash mixups and airthrows, knock down galore, and RSF for the pros

i like that. i seldom see Qbomb used in high level matches (we do need those kicks…). that change would also allow fuerte players to have a useful special move to fadc !

you can already FADC Q-bomb normally. and even then, it’s better to use meter for more important things like EX guac and EX Run

[quote=“Densuo, post:3, topic:81145”]

About skisonic’s post

I did read the thread, but that was not my original reason for using qbomb in a combo. I do agree that you use sweep over qbomb when you are using RSF. However, that is only when you can RSF. Neither the RSF or slide is usable when you hit confirm from a jab or short. That would be too strong. In that case, the qbomb can be used (if motion input is changed) to apply damage/stun/pressure. As mentioned by skisonic, ex qbomb sends them flying which can put certain opponents into corner situations where they don’t want to be such as teleporters.

Qbomb is in no way supposed to replace the slide or RSF but to create more situations where you can RSF through mind games and pressure, and to enhance El Fuerte’s playstyle as a stun king and wake-up beast.

If the QB can be canceled into the new ultra, I would be happy. Never occured to me before that the input command for it should be changed, but now that you guys are mentioning it, it would be sweet.

Gordita Sorbat (GS) HAS to be replaced with something much more useful. At least you do see very few Qbombs used at the professional level once in a while, but never have I seen ANYONE use that useless GS in any kind of situation.

the biggest buff you could give to fuerte would be to fix all the dumb hitbox issues in the game, specifically those that occur during reel animations. this would let fuerte hit rsf more often against more characters

on a character-specific note, more than anything fuerte needs his ex guac to go farther horizontally. that would solve a whole lot of his problems

another defensive option or a farther backdash would help him immensely

change input for super so you don’t get it on accident when trying to ultra

would be awesome if you had access to run-back moves if you run-forward under an opponent

I want to see any of these

  1. More HP, power or a mix of both.
  2. Faster normals.
  3. QCF K input for Quesadilla Bomb
  4. A replacement for Gordita Sorbat

Agreed! All of that would be dope and would help tons!..i hate to ex guac(trying to escape) into the same situation of being punished or when someone jumps i misplace the range to effectively execute it… i think his HP is fine… maybe a better tweek on his target combo as well (give him something useful)… what Buk is saying is my main concern most of all though =)

id like to see that one spot in the corner that ignores all button inputs during a run, fixed! hate losing to someone cause i wasnt able to stop running. all the other stuff above is nice too.


that’s a really good point actually

i hate it when youre like GODDAMN IT STOP YOU DUMB MEXICAN and dude just keeps on trucking

Give him something on wake up instead of run. I mean if you give C-viper a couple of seconds of invincability when she does the ground pound why not give fuerte something like that.

His Runs

Foward and back run- Give him a anti air option or at least make his splash safe on block.

Back run- You don’t need the same option for 3 buttons so capcom please fix this.

I think his ultra does enough damage I mean it does more than half damage at full ultra on more than 50% of the cast.

Wishful thinking but I would like a counter option out of his runs and it won’t be broken by any armor breaking moves.

Get rid of reversal armor breaking moves if they aren’t meant to break armor they shouldn’t.

Please add your opinion if you like.

This ism ore of a general SF4 thing and I highly doubt it would ever be fixed, but I really wish there was no autocorrection on certain moves (RUN for instance). I absolutely hate planning on running one way, but the person is in the air above me and I end up running into a world of pain.

Fuerte really isn’t too bad, we all play him for some reason or another, and tend to be competent. If anything, most of Fuerte’s short-comings are due to the over-comings of certain opponents (priority, recovery, damage, stun, hitboxes, etc, etc), and nobody likes their character nerfed.

So, with that in mind, here’s a couple things I wouldn’t mind seeing:

-More health or damage-
Really, it’s kind of frustrating when TWO moves will kill El Fuerte. I’ve perfected Giefs like nobody’s business, but when he guesses right just once, and gets his SPD or Ultra, you’re done (ultra+SPD/SPDx3 is Elf death). Unlike Akuma/Seth, Elf doesn’t have a huge amount of gameplay options (ie: Teleports, insane ultra damage on connect, juggle combos, etc.). He has wake up guessing and RSF to win, and it’ll take a lot of them.

-Give normals a bit more speed and/or priority-
It’s lame when an AA normal gets beat by simple air normals… what a paradox. Let him poke better with c.mk too.

-More guac kick range-
This is mainly a wake up option to escape pressure, and it’s fairly useless against anybody that understands basic Elf. Even Dictator has a “gtfo” move when he needs to get out of somewhere.

-Thrown out of run-
Stupid frustrating. If guac escapes aren’t working, we’ll rely on ex-backrun… unless you’re able to be throw out of it. So, our wake up options are limited.

-Tweak the run-
Along with bs throws out of ex runs, that corner input ignore is a match ender. I’m also onboard with the concern of mk uses. Lol, how about QB with mk? You guys wanted a normal input = p.

-Ex exits?-
I wonder how well Ex exits would do to the run. Instead of more overall damage output, maybe have QCB+P, P+P do a stronger tortilla(could spin up them, then come down with a press similar to the super).





QB as a motion.

More run otions. I like the EX-exit suggestion.

Corner back run needs fixing.

I thought he had 1000 health, I guess not haha. Give’em that too.

What BukTooth suggested about having the back-run opetions when you run under an opponent should be implemented as well.

  1. Health increase - How can you make a character weak in both attack and defence? Zangief being the obvious example of contradiction, big damage, big health.

  2. Faster normals - Increase the speed of his normals startup times, in particular standing close HK.

  3. Additional combo options - It almost seems insane that you cannot combo into his close standing HK launcher. This is a wasted normal in my opinion.

  4. Give EX quesadillia bomb armour - Seriously…

  5. Give EX versions to his specials:

a) Tortillia - land early to allow a free guacamole.

b) Fajita Buster - more dmg

c) Tostada Press - 2 hits (enough block stun to avoid being punished).

d) Slide - Slide further and quicker

  1. New combo-able ultra - This one is important. Most top-tier characters are able to guarantee an Ultra from a single jab/short, meaning they don’t waste the revenge meter, and almost always guarantee a harsh punishment on anything slower than a jab/short.

Although it sounds amazing making the splash any better would be crazy. Alls I want is for him to have more health, a backdash where he doesn’t jus spin in place, and better normals. I’m not putting ultra in there for the hope that Capcom has already addressed this and gives everyone a ultra you can combo into.

EDIT: Can’t you combo into his launcher if you do a really meaty jump in?? I know its only three hits but hey what can you do.

I was talking about EX versions of his specials from the Habanero Dash.

Every other character gets something, so should he.