What do you think if


rival schools 2 ??

jojo’s bizarre adventure ??

samsho v ??

last blade 2 ??

post reliable reasons if this game are not accepted in evo 2k4 , i really want to know … i don’t mind if is not able in evo2k4 tourney


While I’d personally love to see JJBA at Evo the chances of seeing it there are VERY slim.

If they DID have JJBA at Evo I’d be surprised if a max of 10 people signed up for it. And even then you’d have to wonder exactly how good they’d be at the game.

As much as I love the game, it’d be a waste of time and resources to have it at Evo.


it was popular in japan …though …but US ?? …


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In the US I think it’s safe to say it was pretty much a sleeper hit (much like Darkstalkers.) amongst those in the fighting community, having very small cult followings here and there. Sad thing is, from what I’ve seen, when you do find that occasional JJBA player they usually suck something fierce. :frowning:

If you ask me, holding a JJBA tournament at Evo2k4 would have the same affect as holding a Darkstalkers tournament at Evo2k4. You’d get a bunch of mediocre US players and at least 1 “semi-decent” Japanese player who’d rip everyone else apart with little to no effort.


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so true , what about rival schools 2 ?? i heard many people play RS2 in srk … so as me


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I honestly can’t answer that question. I’ve never played Rival Schools 2 before and know nothing about the following it has. Sorry. :sweat:


rival schools 2 would be awsome to have around again since it kinda disappeared from the main stream a tad. or atleast thats what i’ve noticed. along with lastblade 2, it’d mostly result in a bunch of us probably dusting them off and practicing.


gamefaqs members said that RS2 is one of the best 3d game ever made …

which almost the replica of DBZ:budokai animation …


I’d love it if Project Justice were there :slight_smile:

Tekken in Texas 6 has issued a challenge to Dead or Alive players to show it’s a tournament worthy game, and not a scrub happy titty fest.

Maybe Evo could have a side thing where a couple of select games were available to be played in order to find out whether or not they might have enough support to be at the next Evolution?


Tragic did go to a RS tourney before …i mean is RS:united by fate


I would want to see how US PJ players play the game at a competitive level.


the problem of PJ is…

roberto , he is like geese/zero in SVC:C :frowning:

roberto does not have infinites , but ! 1 accident cuz’ a miserable lost of your life bar


Jin is the same way in T4, but it seems to be played in tourneys just fine.

Big difference between a character killing you outright and leaving you half dead.


so what should we do on it ??