What do you think is the best fighting game, that never came to america?

Just wondering because I’ve never been a big import guy and I know I have missed some good games over the years, I do however remember hearing about Tobal 2 alot when it was released, was it the best to never come to the states?

EDIT: I dont know if the thread is in volation of the new posting ruling that states no “best ever” threads but I didn’t know any other way to ask the question, if it is my aplogies.

This is a tough one! I would say Tobal 2 but there is possibly something better.

Does Melty Blood count?

Melty Blood.


…ok, melty blood.

I’d say Slash, KOFXI, or Tenka are better than melty-everyone has the same combo-hentai.

I mean it’s alright, but can you really say it’s better than those with a straight face? Well, minus Tenka, no one seems to like that game.

GGXX Slash and SS Tenka.

But if you don’t count that as there have been GG and SS games released in the US, I’m gonna say Melty Blood.

Far as I know, never released in america, right? So uh, yeah. :looney:


def NOT melty blood =D

wats up with Guity Gear Slash,SS Tenka, & KOF XI never being released in america? What does SNK not like us or something? And was Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum or Garou: Mark of the Wolves ever released in America? Those are pretty good ones!

There’s the problem.

If it didn’t make it to the states, chance are I’ve never heard of it. I live in Oregon, after all.

Your username makes me lawl.


mark of the wolves was released 3 times in the states, on MVS, neo home, and DC

See like all SNK games…

Pretty much any SNK fighting game. Even if it was released in America, if it was 2d, then there probably were only 20 copies. Like everyone says Garou was released in the US at some point but I never ever saw it nor played. This makes me sad and so I shall eat Cocoa Puffs.

I concur with this statement.

Sony of America hates 2D.

NGBC is only available in Japan for PS2. MOTW is available in Japan for PS2 and in the US for DC (yeah, it was available on NeoGeo too but that’s $200+ so I’ll leave that version out).

GGXX Slash is the best import one can get at the moment.

Kofxi Ftw.