What do you think is the best psychological team?

I changed my team to C-Mai, Maki, Rolento.

I think this team is the one that is most likely to annoy your opponent and throw him off his game.

What are teams that you consider good for annoyance and psychological advantage?

I think Maki is definitly a good pick it piss someone off. If I was looking to do the same, my team would be P-Groove Yun/Maki/Kyo-2. Its all about mixup

i think C-vega, C-honda, and C-blanka will throw you off your game more than a rushdown or mixup character will…you do your stupidist things when people turtle or wait you out.

C-Honda! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I must use him.

oh yeah, my mai, maki and rolento are all runaway characters.

Burghy Mai strategy

  1. Hit them with a st fierce as anti-air, or make them block a fan.
  2. Jump back until I reach the corner.
  3. Wall jump, air qcb+p.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3. I win!

Burghy Maki strategy

  1. Hit them with cr fierce anti-air, or make them block a wall kick.
  2. Jump back until I reach the corner.
  3. Superjump away!
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3. I win!

Burghy Rolento strategy

  1. Get them to block a knife.
  2. Jump back or b+KK until I reach the corner.
  3. Do qcb+K and get out.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3. I win!

Think I’ll add Honda (1. Make them block a headbutt. 2. Sit for 99 seconds. 3. Win) to my team.

Also, I believe I will taunt when the timer is at 0.1 seconds.

HAHAHA… you play just like one of the people at my arcade; pisses everyone off. If you want the most annoying team:

P-groove Mai, Vega, Rolento. Can’t touch them:lol: .

The best psychological team I’ve ever seen is when somebody played “Team Busty” against me once. It’s Yuri, Morrigan, and Mai. He was a fat anime nerd who got excited everytime Yuri did her butt attack. Man, that shit was psycologically traumatizing. Made me want to quit games…

rolento will drive you mad, also, id like to vote athena for most annoying special in the game, the one where she jumps up, turns ointo a purple ball and comes down at you, ANNOYING AS HELL, if you get hit with it you wonder why, and get hit with another in three seconds, its maddening, maddening i tell ya.

nice team Iyo…I mean Burghy:)

and that team isn’t too bad considering it has the annoyance factor. plus once you learn the setups, maki’s and rolento’s ambiguous crossups can lead to big combos for half your life, then you run away some more.

i think K-CBS is pretty intimidating because that team is just too powerful. even if the player isn’t that good, the team uses its meter so well that you can land a lucky super and still break even.

You know, I was searching on google for ‘iyo cvs2 team’, and the first link was some message board post where someone said “roll cancelling barely helps Sak at all”. I like these accurate claims on message boards.

k/c CBS

You Damn rite:lol:

K CBS or Team Bas probably. The other teams mentioned can turtle and shit, but they’re not top tier. These teams consist of all top tier.

What’s team Bas?

Pretty much the only team anyone plays in A groove. Legend has it that if you choose A groove and don’t pick team Bas the machine freezes because it just can’t comprehend what’s happening. It’s Sakura, Blanka, Bison

easiest team to win with is:
A-groove, Sakura, Vega, Bison.

They’re simple, annoying, and powerfull. Bison is too scary with the CC.

Once you figure out that vega sucks, sub in blanka…and there you have team BAS. Not very complicated.

IMO, Bison will eventually lose, and you’ll need to even the ratios with sak and blank, or add rolento or kyo or cammy or somethin’.

I say A is more annoying than K

how does vega suck? P Vega owns me completely

i have to agree that team iyo is pretty annoying(in a good way)

N Groove - Athena/Joe/2 Cammy
If you dont think that is an annoying team you have probably never played against it.

yeah, i agree, i said above that athena is the most annoying enemy in the game.

Athena is stuck being a turtle/counter character. Her O SUCKS.

Bison, Rolento and Chun all have about the same Offense potential as their Defense/Run game.

Switching from run to gun with those is too easy. Vega has good jousting, and perhaps the best run/turtle action… but his O is lacking as far as making pressure.