What do you think is the best use of meter for Yang?

This is one of the questions that I face when I’m using yang, do I want to spend a meter on his EX moves or his amazing Super? For reference here is an example of how good Yang’s super can be (the super is activated at 1:54)

FADC is better than either the vast majority of the time.

Super is rarely a good option, fadcing can add mixups, make things safe, continue pressure and counter hit set ups, FADCing is the best choice.

srsly didnt put FADC as an option?

Well I made the thread at like, 2 in the morning, and wasn’t focusing.

Plus I think we all came to a consensus that you should use FADC

EX Teleport can be good for getting out of the corner too if you aren’t too predictable with it or know your opponent won’t punish it with a grab.

EX anything has uses (though EX command throw is pretty narrow in application): rollkicks are projectile invincible from frame 1 and punish from distances that would otherwise be impossible; rekkas set up command throw; teleport gets you out of the corner or vortex (having an extra option against akuma or ibuki is a fucking godsend) and palm leads to a buttload of damage after a stun via EX palm, medium palm, stand fierce.

Still, FADC gets my vote as the ‘best’ use.