What do you think it would take to make Dudley top tier?

It’s the general consensus that Dudley has a pretty tough time contending with a lot of top-tier characters, namely Guile and Chun-Li. What do you think Capcom could change (mayhap via a patch) that would make Dudley a better contender?

I recommend giving Thunderbolt projectile invincibility on it’s way up (it’s not much but it’s something)

Not being able to be thrown out of short-swing-blow on its way back (it just seems wrong to me)

Even if they don’t want to upgrade the Victory Rose (making it faster or doing damage -maybe even chip too XD) they could at least allow us to FADC out of it but for only ONE ex-bar so technically it’ll be an ex-move (fair?)

Begin able to FADC out of MGB (Rufus’ messiah kick can be fadc’d out of… its a move with similar narture but Dudley can’t FADC on block at least I don’t know how)

Everybody knows about Dudley’s Uppercut… so I won’t say anything.

[EDIT]Also… I recommend you changing the thread title: it can cause misunderstandings

It would be a Godsend if his jab Jet Uppers were more like Ken’s. I agree on the FADC out of MGB.

I’m new to street fighter but if they don’t want to give it any invincibility (which is unfair is you look at every other srk in the game) at least let it hit from mid/low too because jab and strong only hit high (which is too high for most jump ins that I’ve seen) so no matter what it’s beaten or trades, hell they got it right with Sagat’s uppercut (not saying I want it) as in it has higher priority lower down.

you should have to fill out a form and have it approved first at the DMV to make a thread so the forum doesn’t get cluttered with useless shit like this.

Oh, you’re cool. Why is it that every time I see you post, you’re angrily belittling another’s post? Have you nothing better to do? I’d recommend playing Street Fighter. It’s pretty fun.

Fair enough SalPal it IS true that the Dudley thread is cluttered with new treads all the time, for example: when Marn won in Devastation with Dudley there where 3 Threads that I saw. but after reading this this seemed like just some things people would like to see done with/to Dudley (granted only two people have contributed so far) but where else should someone post their opinions in this thread? it doesn’t fit anywhere else

It definitely for one doesn’t belong in the Q&A thread…

Jet Upper doesn’t need invincibility, it serves its purpose fine. EX is invincible and standing medium kick is a godlike anti air. What he does need is a better way to deal with strong footsie based characters like Chun Li or Ryu. Low Strong is a good move but it’s not enough on it’s own. I don’t know about everyone else but I find it really hard to compete against characters with godlike normals, especially ones that have a godlike reversal too. Not only can they shut down any offensive advances you make, they can reset the situation by mashing out DP if you drop a link.

To be honest though, as much as I would love Dudley to be top tier, I think he’s fine now and he’s perfectly capable of winning the majority of match ups, except vs Dhalsim :lol:.

don’t judge tier lists until after evo. dudley is fine for now.


Speaking of which and I know it’s off topic but I really hope someone using an underdog character like Hakan or Makoto would do well in EVO, kinda like how Sabre surprised everyone with Sakura last year. Would shake up the tier lists for a while.

I’m actually happy with Dudley as is right now, as for footsies (i guess you’re talking about poking your opponent to make an opening?) I throw out f.Fierce often and on hit in do standing fierce on block I do standing fierce… do this two or three times and just don’t follow up the next f.fierce on block see them reversal, I then proceed to punish with flashy combo. It’s true that standing mk is godlike but HK is buggy has anybody else noticed this.

I also doubt that adding the things that I suggested would change Dudley’s game by far (maybe he’d get his corner juggles back due to FADC but would it be worth it for 2 bars per extra MGB?)

Well I guess that the rose wouldn’t really be worth being made ex-able if it still resets the opponent instead of putting them in a juggle state for no damage…

right now the rose’s only use to me is:
Dropping Codys Knife
Stopping Rose Ultra 2

[EDIT] oh to TU’s are good due to Invincibility? damn… capcom seem not likely to fix that… how about they all hit twice? compromise? it’s soo not gonna happen

I actually think Dudley’s about as good as he’s ever going to be. You have your combo-able overhead, you have your absolutely destructive damage output, you have your tools for getting in, you have just about everything Dudley was supposed to have. If I had to add anything, it would be that lk TB be safe on block and maybe better recovery time on duck. (Seriously, every time Guile throws out a sonic boom from 3/4 of the screen I get eat a st. fierce.) Honestly, I think as is, Dudley’s already a character with a lot of potential (Marn proved this at Devastation) and that there’s no reason to improve him yet.

Dudley weakness vs long pokes is suppose to be his major weakness. The problem is that 1/3 of the SF4 cast are that type of character. Anyone with a decent cr. MK or any crouching low is going to be hard getting in on with Dudley. Trying to get in on Dhal is a nightmare, but jMK and jHK stuff most of Dhals anti airs.

I actually agree with the thunderbolt comment as a charge move it sucks (too slow on it’s way up but decent decent) either make it faster or have it as a reverse “Z” motion but I don’t think any of what I said could be done until a new sf4 appears… waits for T/H/USF4

All they need to do is make his footsie game more complete to easily make him a top 5 character. Just speed up the start up of cr mk from 10 to 7 or 6 frames, it’s range a little bit past his glove, and make it’s recovery better when not blocked. Maybe 10 frames recovery. Dudleys strength is his 50/50 wake up mixup. Increasing the likelihood of this will in turn strengthen Dudley overall. If the rose was actually useful for mixup it would be a bonus, but its not necessary. Someone mentioned making his rose relevant through usage of ex. I’m kinda apposed to this. They should have made it have the same properties as Ibuki’s Kunai with -1 properties on hit and block. -1 point of health is nothing when one of his target combos does like -7 on block anyway He has a good long range standing poke in fp. Hk is a decent counter poke cancel to get in but it isn’t reliable. His weakness being reliable counters to long range/mid range crouching pokes. Shotos, Balrog, Chun, Sim, Guile ect… I’m fine with him as is but if they where really going to tweak him this is all he really needs in my humble opinion.

A parry.

something to at least make it competitive vs Guile and Sim. When i get in on sim yeah i can endthat match but I’ve NEVER gotten in on a Guile. Ever. At least not the good ones - which are the only guiles i care about.

i think a little more pushback on his focus (on block) to FADC from TB is not a bad idea…

Dudley’s so solid, though. His bad matchups (which are actually REALLY bad) are against characters that generally give the whole cast a hard time. Those matchups will go away if these characters get nerfed.

Also, Mago and Nemo said that his overhead and crouching light kicks should have more priority. I can go for that.

Do you guys think that a cross up would make Dudley too powerful?

rofl i would love a crossup (aside from weird hitting j mk) and if dudley had a crossup — wow. Maybe a little too much. IMO seems like the rest of the cast already has a crossup though so doesn’t seem that broken.

But who knows though.