What do you think it would take to make Dudley top tier?

His damage and stun output is already stupid high. If he had more ways of imposing that strength, he’d easily be top tier.

If his Ultra 1 was more like chun li’s or adon’s, that would help out his match-ups against zoning fireball characters.

But I think what he really needs is better normals (more specifically, a better sweep), that’s the only thing he’s lacking. His cr. mk definitely leaves something to be desired. I hate having to chase down opponents, biding my time to get as close as i can, then being only one pixel away from hitting them with it but eat balrog/chun li sweep for my efforts.

  1. j.lk crosses up with a pretty easy setup that i tested and reported on all cast characters in ssf4.

  2. this thread is pointless, wishful-thinking that only accentuates the negative aspects of Dudley.

  3. Overcome his weaknesses instead of creating a fantasy thread to validate your losses.

  4. Lists are a stupid and belligerent way of making your point.

  5. lock this cry-fest.

You’re still cool, bro. Ever try playing that Street Fighter game? I promise you, it’s really fun.

Also being thrown out of EX MGB makes Dudley feel like Balrog…

If you get thrown out of EX MGB you deserve it. The move has no place being used outside of combos or punishment

ok… but i’m talking about 360’s by oiled Hakan, Zangief and THawks… some Abels aswell…
I don’t do MGB outside of combos or punishes… but sometimes for no reason i get 360’d out just before the hit part

^ that would happen if you dropped the combo

We should not discuss what capcom could give him to make dud better we should discuss how to exploit what capcom has given us and make him broken that way

A better game

Counter hit combos that are easy to set up and lead to 400 dmg.

Oh wait…

I thought it was hilarious to see Dudleys place on the tier list.

Anyone remember his pre-release hype?

Yeah, gutter trash. Hah

Also, any dudley I play online just spams machinegun blow.

Yeah, people need to stop complaining. Dudley is fine as it… improving c.rh would be sick, but that’s not gonna happen.

Fine is a relative description. Yeah he’s “fine” as in he’s not top tier. But the thread is asking about what would reasonably be improved to make him top tier.

Yeah dudley is fine. Fine if you are willing to accept that turtling characters will always have a significant advantage against your tools and that Boxer’s pokes beat urs.

To answer the question, see 3rd Strike.

Close thread.

No autoblock / retarded reversal window/ backdash being godlike = dudley top tier

Just make the victory rose useful like it was in Third Strike.

uhm, yeah… that’s called bad matchups. Yeah, he’s fine… he’s not an amazing character, and he’s not complete shit. He has bad matchups.

Dudley’s whole game is offence, of course turtle characters are going to shit on him. Rog is all about footsies, so his normals are going beast on dudders.

LoL yeah we are arguing the same thing here, dude. I’m saying he’s fine.As in he has bad matchups.As in, he’s not top tier because he has so many bad matchups.As in, I’m trying to help answer the TC’s question about what would make him top tier. As in I’m saying fix the things that make his bad matchups so bad so that he has less bad matchups.

I agree he’s “fine” as being an imperfect character. As in you are willing to accept that which makes him not perfect.

LOL! as in as in as in as in he’s not perfect <3

give him the same jab as balrog, in terms of hitbox.

give back 6 cr.hk loop in the corner

make backswing blow useful