What do you think: Mechanica the new Axel Kelly?

If there’s one person who used to be counted on to show up at something, it was Elias, because he plays ANY fighting game. He will travel to Eukraine if there is War Gods comp.

Now though, he doesn’t appear on AIM or at any events at all, and only occasionally posts on SRK. I feel like I have a fear in my life that he is spending his time bettering himself, as opposed to playing 2 dimensional fighting games.

Axel Kelly is already a lost cause, can we afford to lose Mechanica too? (Though Axel Kelly is gone due to playing Warcraft in his mom’s basement.)

Fuck man, I have been trying to hang out with my fellow libra homoerotic soul mate for the last few months. My drunkenness in combination with his “sky high” attitude and the party is saved.

We need an explanation, and we need it now.

Yeah, I miss Elias.

I show up more often than you, get the fuck outta here

I quit WoW after WRATH OF THE LICH KING came out anyways

OOOOOH, homie just told you to kick rocks. Axel F. Hardbody present, and reporting for duty.

Elias doesn’t have a car atm.

That dude knows I’m always down to give him a ride. It is no excuse.

Usually, Keith is our resident sophist and scribe, so he knows and remembers many things. I had completely forgotten about that fact since I grew distraught and anxious with the absence of the mechanical one.

Maybe he doesn’t feel like asking for rides anymore and is working on getting his own ride?

Misses Elias

I tried to hook up for some Gear earlier this month but it was failed.

He needs to get on dat BlazBlue as well.

How could you possibly compare Elias to Alex? Elias is impoverished, doing manual labor in a warehouse, living on his own, smokes dirt weed, and has no car with which to get to gaming sessions. Alex lives with his parents, works whatever hours he wants at his mother’s company, smokes middle class weed that he obtains through his white connections, and **CHOOSES **not to partake of our company. Do not ever questions Elias’ dedication to games. Remember, the last time he made it to one of my sessions, he lost his job the next day due to not showing up. Which among you have suffered that fate? That’s hardcore.

Don’t ever call me a sophist. Dem’s fight’n words.

Life > Gaming.

Sorry Keith, I meant the word in the context of a teacher. I hold your knowledge in high regard, but then again you have tried to trick people into wrestling matches with me.

Keith should have a gathering, specifically for Elias. The “Elias Intervention of 2008” sounds appropriate. Dan could pick him up on his motorcycle.

You know, people say this shit all the time. But when I think of “gaming”, I think of the crew who I will be interacting with during the session. I would hope it is obvious to many that yes, “life” is in fact greater than gaming. Having mastery over “life” is the goal. I like being able to slap a bitch, hit a switch, and play marvel. Even better if it all happens at THE SAME TIME. Get gwop my nigs.

You sir are a prophet. :lol:

dude you should post in GD more

^ i think we all should post in GD more, especially ho’s n slut’s

dude you should exist in my life sometime other than at EVOs

i miss ya bro :sad:

we all need to go out and do something non gaming related. i think we’d have fun.


I do not believe this.

oh, go kick some stones.