What do you think: Mechanica the new Axel Kelly?

Yeah, that is why you don’t share SRK.

sure sounds good

we can all get pizza

don’t worry i can treat everyone so there isn’t any drama when shady folks don’t pay up and make julian cry like a little bitch

HAHAHAHA, I dunno why I found this so funny. It was your idea to introduce a ho to this website.

I wouldn’t be averse to a Mariner’s game sometime, haven’t been to a ball game in a long time, but I’d rather go if the whitesox are playing.

Sorry, I actually play games so I am not welcome in GD. And though I don’t think Jayjay is hard on the eyes at all, I’m not going to creep-style follow her around at Evo either… so really I just don’t fit in with you and your GD butt-buddies. :sad:

:rofl: burn

Is it ok if I join? :bgrin:

GD is awesome.

Party at Jie’s house for new years. Drinks on him.


In honor of Mechanicalz.

“Ho” needs to post on GD, she would be a fucking superstar.

Go in there with me.
I’m scurred.

best thread ever :rofl:


I work full time now, and my job kicks my ass both because I’m a wuss and I have bad knees (warehouse floors are unforgiving :sad: ). It gets crazier every day closer to x-mas (I work for zumiez.com/headquarterz, sick brah) annnd I can’t drive. I’m climbing out of my debt with my boyfriend’s help – my MIA status will be fixed soon enough. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t even played SF4 or remix yet! I wanna try to make it out to Zach’s soon.

with love :lovin:

Hey Elias, I am pretty sure that the end of January I will have SOME kind of hooptie, and I would be more than glad to go get you so you could play some games either at my house or Zach’s, cus we haven’t hung out in waaaay too long.

BTW, don’t you have kneepads? ZING!!!

I dunno about Elias being the new Axel, but Julian is the new NIGMASTER.

I think Kriangkrai is the new NIGMASTER.

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HAHAHA! 2-year old thread, REVIVED (-1 phoenix down)

holy necro bump!!

i miss that guy too. i think the last time i saw him was at playsmart. torunedo horudo! beer bottle attacks

great thread


we never got that pizza…

All I have to say is lets keep Airthrow banned.

Why? He’s a nice guy.

Why? He’s got ten other accounts.

this is the funniest post in here