What do you think: Mechanica the new Axel Kelly?

i love u alex

He’s never been anything but a nice guy to me, hence my question…

I like airthrow too, even if he dont like HDR!

Jesus, I remember this…

Yea we know, most of us like Julien quite a bit, its just he can be a goon when he is on this forum.

Julian. Julien = Zass.

Hahah you are so tight for bumping this. :lol:


LOL that shit was crackin’ me up. TORUNEDO HORUDO!

Yeah we never had a Mechanicals intervention party, we never went out for pizza… fucking LOL I love Keith’s post backing me up. I fucking forgot THAT’s what I was doing out so late the night I overslept work so long. I was at fucking Keith’s! That shit’s hilarious. I ended up getting rehired, thankfully… and then just to add another chapter, I’m now screwing around with the guy that was my boss at the time that fired and rehired me. :rofl: Life.

This thread is win. I always miss Elias, so I buy him tickets to shows and force him to come =D

Elias, you must see my new place…super cozy. Plus I have your bottle, nyukka.

Invite me over suckah!

Axel Kelly is cool

But Mechanicals is cooler


Ah, i c. Well, most people’s online persona is rougher than in reality. My preference is to base my opinion of people based on the personal interactions I’ve had with them, and Airthrow has always been cool to me.

To be fair, he’s often dick-ish in person as well. Actually, amend that. Not so much penile as vagirific. Not a word, but he is what he is.

Vaginacular. The thing is, irl, you can hear sarcasm and other tones of voice that kinda get lost in translation when posting on them interwebs.

Man at first I thought you were talking about me and I was like :sad:

I miss you and your minority jokes, Keith.

Just because people hate you, doesn’t mean you’re a minority. People hate you because you own everything. Fucking white people. Complaining about how life is lonely at the top.

Gawd dang, you iz self centered. Of course the previous post was about Airthrow. You’re so vain, you probably think all posts are about you. Think the world [of SRK] revolved around you? Solipsistic white boy. You and that fucking vaginacular Airthrow.

I would throw in some gay bashing, but SRK auto-censors all the good words.



airthrow needs to be unbanned so he can bump my starcraft 2 thread which has zero posts in it


pizzas still on me guys

SFIV casualties:

  • Seattle Scene
  • Street Fighter
  • Airthrow

jie lets hang outttt


holy crap i just realized we’re already friends on facebook!

you should just message me there since i rarely post on NW forums

Fuck this is elias the next ??? talk. Elias is tight, hella cool, in fact if you guys ever compare him to someone of a lesser standard again I’ll uppercut you so hard your face falls straight off. Elias for president