What do you think of my team


im u sing benimaru and ryo, both at ratio 2, i like beni cuz of his hcb K it gets you in a corner in oune instant, and ryo’s charge db f K witch also send you at the end of the screen. I use A-Groove so its good that there at the end of the screen.

what do you guys think, should i add some one???
or change ratio???
give me sum thoughts.


1/1/2 team is a better choice than 2/2 and 3/1 and 4. 1/1/2 team is good because it has more life.


oh, well thanks for the advice, but, howm should implement in my team to creat a nice balance??


That team is hard to learn imo, but if u know the matchups really well , you’ll do great and go far. I’d add Sakura/Bison but only if u can do the CCs, check them out at www.namonaki.com. Ken/Eagle/Iori/ and much much more, what in particular are u looking for?


well of cours i know that site, its just a shame that his brief case is empty now, i dont know why, i only had time to get the benimaru CC, so for now im using the crazy hands CC for ryo, easy but not so damaging, but i like ryo because of his move asortments, im used to mixing things up. :smiley:

i once thought of puting iori in my team, what do you think???


Ryo sucks period, especially in A groove, so does Benimaru, but at least he’s ok in A. Pick K groove, and use Cammy because you sound like a scrub. Once you learn more about the game, then I’ll suggest a good team for you. I would’ve done so now, but most good teams in CvS2 require alot of skill, something you don’t have yet. You’ll get it though.


u know what epsilon, IMO you should go back to the newbie school you came from and learn some maners while your there, eliminating another dick head from the world wouldnt be so bad.
i dont see why u think that your opinion[ yes your ‘OPINION’ because your word isnt one of god’s ] is the final judjment on whatever there is to talk about, i dont really feel sorry to break out your ego [ witch should be downsized by the way ] but maybe you should think about ho the real scrub is between me and you, im trying a new team and i think its effective, [ except that i want another character to balance it out ] but your so convinced that your SO good at it all, that your ready to gloat and Judge ppl simply on how I sound??? now how does that work?? you think that i need to learn more about the game to get your worthless advice?? your assured that i need to ‘aquire more skill’ because ’ its something i dont have’ ?

well you now what?[ u dont know shit by the way. ]
your a grade-A morron.

You’ll get it though.


No offense hoaxe, but you do sound like a scrub.
I think you should pick K groove and pick Blanka or Sagat. Please don’t pick Cammy because people will say to me “wtf? I just saw this loser playing K-Cammy! He sucked so much! This Cammy Guide must really suck!”

So in conclusion please don’t embarrass me! Thanks.


Bah! Don’t jump on the bandwagon. There’s already enough Bison/Cammy/Sakura/Blanka/Sagat players in the world! :slight_smile:

Those 2 moves you listed pretty risky though. Not something I think you should base your game on. Probably a good idea to another another character too.


ya i know, im loking for a third wheel to acompani the whole thing.


I agree. Pick Chang!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


i cant how many ppl use these common [otherwise referd to as ‘cheap’ characters] guys:Bison, Ryu, ken, akuma, cammy, sakura, blanka, sagat.

i dont care about top tier and all that bull shit. its all about skillz.
i want to have an original team with odd characters, and i still think ryo is good :bluu:


Yeah, if you use original teams you get MAD PROPS for using original teams!

MAD! Like, those props, they’re MAD!

Yeah you so cool for using rare teams. Cool. A cool guy! Super cool!


lol… Yeah, you see, you are even more of a scrub than I thought you were because you actually think that top tier characters are “cheap” and you believe in “honor”. Mid Tier Characters don’t win tournaments in the US…You can get good with them all you want, it won’t matter ub a big tournament. Ryo still sucks, and if you want to win at the level that youre at now, pick K groove and pick CBS.


whats wrong with beleiving in honor?


Top players don’t care about it.


There’s no honor in losing.

Losing = dishonorable


well im tierd of using the same teams over and over, and fighting the same team over and over,

i dont see whats wrong with picking odd characters?

and loosing isnt always dishonorable, a good game is a good game, win or loose,

wtf happend to " just playing for the fun of it? "


yo, burghy and eplison shut the fuck up, let the guy do what he wants. you guys didn’t make the rules, theres no scrubbyness in not picking the top tiers u dumb shits. Yea he might and probably will lose allot, but pickin on some guy just cause he wants to have fun in the game gets me pretty irritated so stfu.


Its good to lose and win. IF u learn something after u lose. Thats all it is. Its not dishonorable to lose in casual. In tourny?..maybe.
If its a local tourny, don’t worry about it, you can always learn stuff after.