What do you think the current tier list is? (Justify your chart)

You can use this: https://quetzle.github.io/smash-apps/tier/ to make a cool image of it!


I made this at 3am, I think when I wake up even I’ll have issues with parts of it but it’s a start.

My S and A represent characters that I think really could make a difference in the meta. All of those characters can shut down a lot of the cast.

My B is where it starts to become the “solid but with weaknesses” area.

I’m gonna admit right now, my B,C and D are kind of a mess.

E is where the characters have some redeemable quality but generally they’re worse in every way.

F is the “who fucking cares” tier. Charizard is awful but at least he’s somewhat heavy, Mewtwo is super light and tall but at least he can kill early so he’s not last. Samus is better than Zelda but Zelda is a trainwreck and Swordighter is just… a big fucking joke on people that like swords.

This is for singles by the way, doubles actually changes the value of a lot of the characters.

That’s a stupid tier list

Oh yeah but it was just supposed to get the ball rolling.

That’s stupid