What do you think they were going for?

I really don’t know what they were going for with this character…charge moveset with hardly any specials, with his moves based primarily on a gimmick that drains HP over time. I’d have expected a trap based character like Phoenix from MVC initially, but he’s nothing like that.

His appearance is incredibly goofy, as is his voice and general demeanour, and yet he is meant to be one of the games main antagonists? Despite being constantly undermined by Vega in Vega’s story?

And his theme makes it even more confusing, as the theme seems quite mysterious, refined, and reserved. Which is far from what F.A.N.G is.

I’m just very baffled by this character. What do you guys think?

Why is this a new thread?

Well I noticed a severe lack of threads in this sub and none seemed preoccupied with discussing what the devs were attempting with this character.

And if thats not a sufficient reason then the fact I joined 14 hours ago should explain why I perhaps misjudged

Why discuss the devs reason behind this? it’s already in the game and we can’t do anything to change it(at least right now). also what’s so bad about “hardly” any specials? why not go to the guile usf4 page and complain there? All of us understand that his game is complicated, but you’re take the easy route by just saying he sucks. You also don’t need to compare different characters with different games, as they have different mechanics and some of us havn’t played fully to the extent of pheonix let alone MVC. Sorry, no one is going to play along with your negative feedback on this character

Negative? I’ve made no value judgements. I think F.A.N.G is interesting to say the least, and I’m trying to understand him better bit by bit.

I’m just wondering about the character as a package; his presentation, aesthetic, styling etc etc. Asking if anyone has any insight on perhaps why F.A.N.G is the way he is, because he is certainly unconventional.

I think him being unconventional is a breath of fresh air. It’s impossible to say he doesn’t stand out from any of the four (or five) kings of Shadaloo. He reminds me of Kefka from Final Fantasy in the sense he’s clownish, but also deadly. I also have a soft spot for the Japanese voice actor, and he has the kung-fu motif I really enjoy. For me, he’s pretty spot on.

F.A.N.G is undermined in Vega’s story because it is Vega’s story. That’s pretty normal for the most part.

Fang is what happens when you put dhalsim, balrog and blanka in a blender with poison.

Vega’s a ponce who doesn’t know his place. He’s going to regret mocking Shadaloo’s second hand. FANG clearly wasn’t going all out in their fight anyways, and even mocked Vega for running away from their conflict. Sure Vega had his schoolyard comeback of “u ugly”, but that doesn’t mean crap. THE GREAT FANG WILL HAVE HIS DAY!

Also, gameplay wise, he’s clearly a MODOK type character. Someone that uses his zoning tools to lock down people for his offense.

Lol @ obscure modok reference (mechanized organism made only for killing)

modok was in marvel, he’s not that obscure anymore.

To clarify “Marvel vs Capcom 3.” He was always a Marvel character.

Capcom tried to make a somewhat unique “experimental” character with a unique play-style and failed horribly.

Real variety and good balance is almost impossible to have in the same game. It is either one or the other.

They might patch him later on I hope.

F.A.N.G has excellent fundamentals, he’s not hopeless by design like SF4 Hakan or MvC3 Iron Fist. They just overnerfed him to be safe because he came out last and didn’t have as much testing time. All he needs is some poison damage buffs, less bad frame disadvantage on specials and he’ll be good to go.

Stackable Poison maybe?

What do you think?

For example. Either buff poison damage to 100, or make poison stack 3 times. Another fun idea that would need to be tested very carefully : +1 frame of blockstun and hitstun while poisoned.

Cool idea.

Going off of that why not temporary debuff/buff frame advantage while under poison status.

-1 frame advantage to opponent(to all non-meter using attacks). +1 frame advantage to FANG(to all non-meter using attacks).

Poison would be pretty scary then.

Hakan wasnt a “hopeless” design, its just his particular gimmick had no place in a game where there no resources not named “EX meter”. Kinda like Makoto in IV being bad because of the lack of seeable stun meter and them having to adjust her playstyle accordingly. Now if Hakan is brought over to V, where gimmicks and resource based fighting isnt as terrible, I think he would do fine as long as he isnt as overtuned as FANG is right now.

I’ll preface this by saying that I’m a total scrub, but I love FANG simply because a majority of the people I play against just don’t know how to handle him. I’ve seen a lot of people online just kind of fall apart and totally shut down after some trolling with him. It’s funny.

That said, he’d NEVER hod up in any serious tournament play.

I wondered at first if the poison damage stacked. I agree that would totally change his game if it did.

I feel like they should’ve gone crazier with Fang. I think I’d be ok with the low damage and health if he had some tricks up his giant sleeves. Things like beng able to cancel normals into coward crouch, or cancel coward crouch into slide/teleport, more damage on his crossup super, controllable EX slide or V-Reversal, etc. Just stuff off the top of my head.