What do you think will happen if Daigo uses seth?

what might happen? can he be even better then poongko’s seth? and win tournaments with it?

i feel he can push seth’s limit to the highest

The same thing that might happen if people didn’t make threads like this.

Seriously, what kind of first post is this?

I suppose I should at least answer the question. I can’t really see Daigo using AE Seth. He’d probably play like Poongko, but with a bunch of Umeshoryus.


I haven’t seen Daigo play previous games, but in SF4 I feel he’d rather play someone with stronger pokes and with more stamina. I felt his Ryu was more solid than his Yun as well. I dont see him as the super-agressive-all-in type of player. With Yun he has beast Offense but Seths way riskier and more all in

i think he dosen’t want to use seth cause of the extreme glass hp… i really think if he gives it a try it might work out!

Just because Daigo is a godlike player doesn’t mean that he’ll be godlike with Seth.

I find this thread to be silly because it’s pointless to talk about what might happen if Daigo mains him. Besides, he’s definitely not going to. Either he’ll stick with Yun or go back to a shoto. (I’ve heard that he was going to switch to Ken, but I don’t have a solid source.)

Why do people think that pros use one character and one character only? Who’s to say that Daigo doesn’t use Seth every now and then, but just not in tournaments? I remember seeing a video of Daigo using Chun and he had a good amount of points with her. Latif mentioned that he uses Seth as his secondary but people only associate him with Viper. Just saying Daigo could have a Seth, but not want to use him in a tournament because he’s so much better with other characters.

what do you think would happen if the Seth forum actually got some good topics and a complete matchup thread and the community that every other character has

No one is saying that here.

And who’s to say that Daigo does have a Seth? There isn’t really a point in discussing theoretical situations just because they could be true. And it’s almost impossible to say whether Daigo would be just as successful with Seth as he has with other characters. He’s the Beast, and he’s godlike. But he’s not THAT godlike.

What’s with all the dumb asses saying he’s low tier? Like really stop, he’s always been high tier, ask any real Seth player, Seth doesn’t really have too many bad match ups.

Been playing Seth since Vanilla

What is hell is this hipster mentality? “I hope Seth doesn’t become too popular, because then it won’t be as cool to use him.”

WTF, you’re a fuckin asshole, “only Poongko plays Seth at a high level” OnlineTonys been doin it up with Seth since Vanilla, Kindevu also ocvd with Seth at Nagoya Grand Finals and Hiropon is pretty good. It seems you’re on the Poongko Wagon

Also, I hope more people use Seth, hopefully more shit would be found

Only Poongko should use Setth, only Daigo should use Yun, only Latif should use Viper, only Fuudo should use Fei Long… By that logic only 35 people in the world “should” play this game… :slight_smile:

Seth is not a character for Daigo. he needs a fucking shoto and he needs to figure that shit out. Ken, Ryu or even E.Ryu, stay true to your roots you japanese beast, stop getting blown up for using the wrong character.

If Daigo used Seth… oh man I think it would be absolutely nuts.

I think would like go to work the next day, eat some breakfast, and check my fantasy football team or just some truely outrageous shit like that…

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what is this
oh yeah a dick rider thread…

I think its silly to even think he will be god like with Seth if we look back since 3rd strike Daigo has never been an all out offense player…hence his rank at this years evo. If he were to use Ryu then I believe the outcome would have been different, but oh well we all shed for tears for tiers I guess. I feel even more sillier discussing this…

Why can’t we all just discuss Seth Match ups and not so much about useless theorems and probabilities.

you all really don’t want that. Seth wins big b/c nobody knows the matchup b/c nobody plays Seth. Most famous SF player in the world does jumps to Seth, and you all will start losing a lot.

If all the famous players used seth then maybe our match-up thread won’t be so empty

“You all”? It’s just the OP riding Daigo’s dick, not everyone on this subforum.
And quite a few people play Seth. He’s not popular, but it’s not like it’s just Tony and Poongko. People know the matchup.

EDIT: And LOL at Faz deleting his posts.