What do you think?



Im new to using Cammy but have found her really good. What do you think?


Go what you are good at and enjoy.


I think you should pray to God she doesn’t end up crap in the final build of Ultra.

Also, you only need to learn one setup for Cammy. People still can’t block them.


Cheers guys I’m finding her really smooth to play with and will stick to my guns and not change character :slight_smile:


Has an uppercut, if things get really desperate you have ex cannon drill. The character isn’t super float or super slow so it’s useful for beginners to just jump over fireballs. It’s a good beginner character. You can either play the waiting game at range or it would be best to learn how to cross over with light kick then start a crouching light kick poke combo into cannon drill. If the other guy knows to stop focus attacks, block cross ups and tech grabs your pretty much stuck on the waiting game unless you somehow chip damage to win with dive kicks or get a random spike or drill once in awhile. Kinda wondering how many Cammy players jumped ship to Decapre, for the longest time I stopped using this character and just went random select. Though even then a really good player would be capable of also blocking Decapre’s mix ups let alone Cammy’s.