what do you think??



megaman(dont shure bout assist)/cable(aaa)/capcom(aaa)

i intened to do a megaman/capcom trap
with megaman do the j. HP and if they rush you hp and capcom
this team is very good and i tested it
ok it take ahvb but the hp hits cable hits cable to stop ahvb if done with timing

well what do u think??


This happens to be the team I used before switching up to BH. It just wasn’t my style but maybe it will work for you. I needed someone who was good on point. CapCom’s sheer AAA power wasn’t enough so I traded up power for on-point value. The only problem I see with it that your only playing with 2 characters IMO. I’m NOT saying change it, im just saying make sure you don’t lose Cable or MM. I can’t really tell you anything strat wise, I did the same thing, Well-Timed FP’s and AAA when they get too close.



capcom aaa is better against rushdown
bh is better agains keepaway
am i wrong??


Both are different styles of keepaway. BH is more for traping then keep away, MM using Normal Jump and Standing FP’s combined with the Rockball with BH’s AAA is more of a trap. Theres so much moving projectiles on the screen, there bound to run into something if they try to rush(If you know your timing that is). CapCom isn’t really a trap style, more of a keep away. You use HPs from a distance trying to peg them as they try to rush and if they get too close, CapCom AAA. They have a much better chance of getting in close in this match and IMO this is more dangerous because they HAVE to be close to you for the AAA to hit and MM isn’t a close range fighter.