What do you truly hate about ssf4ae2012?


I just wanted to know this because a lot of random “hardcore” gamers out there seem to think SSF4AE2012 is a bad/shitty game despite so many top players taking a liking to it so I really would like to know IYO, What made you hate this game so much that you’d go as far as to say SSF4AE2012 is “bad”


Yang nerfs


I don’t hate it per se, there are just a few things I dislike about it:

-Lenient reversal inputs
-Nerfed keep-away game
-Comeback mechanics

That’s really it, I think its kind of decent overall. Its a few changes away from being the best fighter out there.


Seth and Viper completely nullifying what Street Fighter is supposed to be about. Ultras still being just a bit too good.

Other than that it’s pretty much great.


Seth being so ridiculous.

The fact that Rufus’s dive kick has never been nerfed

Part from that AE2012 is solid


Autoblock - why not make people actually block?

Fadc - some characters can mash uppercut then fadc back. Get out of jail free card

Blanka, abel, viper, fuerte (not as much)

Rufus retarded ass dive kicks

The ultra system. Why reward someone for getting their asses beat!? Then 1 ultra and its 50% of your life there. The super arts from sf3 should have been the focus here


I can understand the lenient inputs and shortcuts being a problem but you can still play keep away very well and IMO certain comeback mechanics are great e.g parry or tekken’s rage. Ultras are an example of a bad comeback mechanic and it is very easy to see why.

  • Viper’s execution requirements. It’s funny cause I find Gen, Honda, and Dudley to be more reasonable.
  • 3 chances to improve the roster and they still blew it on a lot of characters. E.Ryu, Guy, and Claw come to mind.
  • low damage and heavy scaling.
  • Nerfs. Nobody needed to be nerfed in this game.


Its much less keep-away in SF4 but rather meter building and spacing. Its simply not as effective as it used to be, and with certain characters you have to play nearly perfect in order to win. Consider…

-Focus attacks
-Neutral jumps are easy
-Diagonal jumps cover lots of ground, have better priority over AA’s than they used to
-The classic shoto fireball-sweep trap was removed
-Large stages

The risk-reward for playing rushdown is much greater here.


You want rufus dive kick nerfs… with a cammy avatar…

I hate scrubs who won’t just play the game, you shouldnt be allowed to complain until you do well tbh. Make it out if evo pools… then tell me whats wrong.

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i hate seth, seth, and seth.


the players


This is fucking gold. I’m seeing some of the exact same reasons here that I saw months ago when players were bitching that Super was too defensive.


I think every character should be like Seth; tons of options, lots of combo potential, and low health so matches don’t last so long.


The reasons I listed are UNIVERSAL, they have stayed consistent with EACH SF4 release and version. Look over my reasons again.


Yea, they have been. Regardless was still used as reasoning to prove that Super was too defensive.


anti street fighter characters, aka seth, fuerte, viper

rufus insta dive kicks




I really REALLY hate Seth. Actually, let me reiterate, I don’t hate the character, I don’t dislike the people who use him, I don’t hate the fact that he is supposedly the best character in the game, but the thing I HATE is how he can overwhelm characters in the game to such an extreme degree. His core elements were made beyond what a character in the Street Fighter Engine should be. In a Street Fighter Engine, the kind of characters that people feared most when in their face was Grappler-type characters because of their Tick-throw game and unblockable 360’s. That’s how it always was, but with Seth I find that I am (As well as many other people) infinitely more afraid to deal with him and it’s simply because his pressure is so damn overwhelming.

I consider myself to be a competent T.Hawk player (I am no means an expert or the leading authority on this character) and even though I can say with confidence that I have adequate experience in the Seth matchup, the thing that really bothers me is that even though I know what kind of horror is about come my way, most of the time I can BARELY do a single thing about it. Hawk is like a big punching bag that Seth can just dance all over and dish out pressure that just seems to loop over and over again. It’s not just T.Hawk either, it’s also characters like Gen, Dhalsim and Rose who are not only free as heck when pressured but also have low health and stun. These characters are like literally made of glass when fighting against Seth.

Just because a character has a lot of tools and is great at pressuring it doesn’t mean they’re too powerful or broken, but when the character can just approach certain matchups as if the opponent was a big punching bag without fear, that’s when it’s ridiculous.