What do you use to clean your arcade sticks?


The top of my stick was recently molested by my niece and two Krispy Kreme donuts nothing too bad but I was going to just rub one of those Lysol Disinfectant wipes on it buy my friend informed that he used one of them and it caused damage and left this weird after effect on the top of his stick.

So what should I be using? Some electronic cleaner perhaps?


well i would just clean it with a damp cloth first, then wipe and polish with a microfiber towel. :slight_smile: and if u dont have that just a regular towel :stuck_out_tongue:


Alcohol+Cloth=clean and dry =D.


I use Windex on the plexi and rubbing alcohol on the exposed surfaces of the controls. Most retail sticks don’t have plexi so I dunno. Still should work though as long as it’s not one of those sticker-topped sticks. I mean, where the artwork is pressed onto the top with adhesive.


Windex contains ammonia, which damages plastics, including plexiglass. Don’t use Windex.

Most plexiglass manufacturers recommend using dishsoap heavily diluted in water to wipe clean, but I usually use a 50/50 mixture of water and isopropyl/rubbing alcohol, which removes grease and crap better and evaporates quickly.


I use a portable eye glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Quite convenient actually, comes in a 4oz spray bottle, you could probably pick one up at any eye glass store


I usually use Rubbing Alcohol.

A OBSN was getting stuck and the JLFs up microswitch was getting stuck on a FS3 i modded for my cousin. So i opened it up and he had spilled beer all over his stick. And there was residue from the beer that was causing both problem. So i took the parts apart and cleaned them with alcohol. Everything seemed to work fine. I shouldnt have a problem with the microswitch since i cleaned it like that, should I? Doubt it.


Oh, didn’t know that. I only use it about once a year but damage is damage I guess. I’ll change over to glasses lens cleaner if that’s any better. Funny part is, I have a surplus of that because I used to clean my glasses with soap and water instead and that damaged certain parts of it. So apparently I’ve been cleaning everything with the wrong products and damaging it in the process. Maybe if they come out with joystick cleaner I’ll use it on the dishes. :lol:


Isopropyl alcohol can crack the edges of acrylic glass specially if the edges have been burned. I learned that the hard way :frowning:
Now I only use soap+water to clean plastics, no other chemicals unless I’m sure they won’t cause damage or I don’t care.


rubbing alcohol for me as well!