What do you use to mount your circuit boards to the insides of your sticks?

I took apart my friend’s stick today and found this inside. What is this, and where can I get more of them? Or something similar. What do you guys use?




i use nylon zipties with those sticky brackets that you can ziptie too… forgot the name. And for wood i drill holes and screw the pcbs on the wood.

Those are ‘standoffs’ or ‘mounting feet’.


sometimes I just use glue. I don’t recommend that if you change your stuff fairly often.

Wow, thanks Toodles!

Does anybody else has a different solution?

I <3 hot glue. Cheap and does the job very well.

I normally use hot glue…the last time I tried using a mounting bracket type setup the screw I used to hold it to the bracket with hit the ground and messed something up…I don’t know the exactities, but I do know as soon as I took it off the bracket it worked fine. Hot glue is pretty durable and you can put it in any position you feel like…plus it’s easy to peel off incase you need to.


Seconded :wink: :angel:

i just got a big ass glob of hot glue over my pcb

I prefer to use PCB mounting feet like Toodles recommended when working on larger projects. Recently I have started to use small, white nylon spacers from home depot. In a pinch I have taken a bic pen and sawed it into 3/8" (1cm)sections.

I put a screw throught the pcb, through the nylon spacer/bic pen and into the wood of the case.

I use electrical tape. Worked great :tup:

Those Happ feet are just what I want but $3-4 is ridiculously expensive for what seems to be a piece of plastic and a screw… I think I’ll pop down to Home Depot and see what they have when I get to that part of my project.

I too thought $3-4 was insanely high priced as well, then I realized they come in a set of 4. Less than a dollar a pop isn’t TOO bad, though I’d still have imagined them costing like 50 cents each.

The long screws with nylon spacers like TMO mentioned would be tons cheaper, but you wouldnt have the ability to remove the board without removing the feet. This is a perfectly acceptable trade off to me :slight_smile:

I use screws.

i hot glue it to the case.