What do you use to play your arcade stick on?

I’m having a hard time playing my stick on my lap & i cant seem to find the right desk/table to put it on…Can you guys post what you use…With pic would be nice:wgrin:

I use sanwa sticks mainly, so it goes to the lap. I put foam rubber on the bottom so they don’t slip. A lot of people just sit on the floor, with tthe stick between there legs. And then there is Eder, I think his name is, who takes two stacked milk crates and straps his stick to those things.

I just put it on my lap… It’s really usefull to spend the time in learning like this because you can play pretty much anywhere…

lap too

since day one :tup:

i think i can post a pic later

My lap.

its all about the lap

i use a tv dinner table.

Ignore everyone but Mixup, who needs to hook me up with that floorpad. Seriously ignore Eder (Mr. Crazy-MAS-stand-on-a-cart).

How you play depends on your controller. Light sticks play one way, and for a MAS/heavy sticks, those things are going to need to rest on something. I play with it on the floor firmly gripped between my knees so that it doesn’t slip at all and the angles are always the same. Most people I play against just have theirs on the floor. If you’re playing with it in your lap, though, sounds like you’re using a lightweight stick.

Floor. The stick moves way too much when it is on my lap.

Lap all day every day.

I would recommend a coffee table for a MAS tho, good height.

2 milk crates and bungee cords.

I think FL has copyrights on that but not sure. Personally, I play on the floor but if you have to sit in a chair to play, 2 milk crates with bungee cords holding the stick to the crates works wonders. If you wanted more support, you can use your legs\feet to hold the milk crates down as you play.

I saw eder\vercette doing this and I gave it a try and it actually works pretty well.

if your sticks keeps moving on you because its too light, you can add weight to the base and cheap rubber feet. My back up stick is an agetec aka green goblin. I’ve gone through quite a few of them already and keep them around as spare parts. Anyways, one day I took off 2 spare bases I had and put all them on one agetec stick. My agetec has great weight to it now and doesn’t move @ all.

I use my T5 (Sanwa mod) on both my computer and PS2. Both of which are hooked up to my 42" HD computer monitor.

So I just slide the KB back and put the stick were the KB usually goes, and it’s a perfect setup.

I use my MAS on the floor, usually propped up on a couple of pillows - not the best setup but works.

I have a Seimitsu parts in my Neo Geo cab - so those sticks get played in an upright cab :smiley:

I use a laptop stand from Ikea. Here’s the link on their site


It actually works really well, I use a T5 stick on it.

On my desk or dinner tray stand thing.

My modded T5 stick fits perfectly on my lap. For the big gun sticks, I use a collapseable tv dinner type table that is made of plastic. It is thin so you can keep it in a closet. It fits two sticks and does not move. I am not a fan of sitting on the floor because it kills my back for some reason. My head is tilted back and yet I am hunched over. No good.

Damn, I’mma have to cop one of those sometime. Looks simple but effective. :tup:

oh dang thats sweet

DAVE :rofl:

yeah same here

and then my legs go numb
that cant be good :confused:

i use a stack of school books
and i sit down open legged :smiley:



jk man

i use a shoebox to put the stick on while playing on the floor.