What do you want for Oni in Arcade edition 2012

I want a clear answer so I can post it on the capcom unity page. Like the cody/gouken players did. That way we don’t get the shaft like our overly optimistic gen players here.

A few things I got from the general thread discussion.

-EX Air Dash

Useless in my opinion. Unless it has some invul on start up, you are going to get hit out of it before you even try to make some ambiguous crossups. Frankly, that’s the way the regular air dash should be.

  • Better normals.

What I personally want to see it more frame advantage on his s.mk and a damage buff on the second hit. I love spacing with that thing. As it is right now the first hit does 40 dmg and the second hit does 30. I’m hoping they will change it do the first hit will do 40 dmg and the second hit will do 60.

-Higher arc after an air tatsu on hit.

That way comboing forward heavy kick won’t be character/spacing specific. Or for people who like their character close, shoryuken.

I’m sleepy right now so I’ll add to this as people post/more ideas pop into my head.

Ouch, Oni needs a lot of adjustements right now…

  • FADCable Shoryu on block. I know, this is controversial, because in fact I think all chars should work as the current Oni: no cancelable blocked shoryus. But if all the other shotos can, Oni should too.

  • Tracking propierties for EX Palm stomp. It whiffes too many times.

  • Better air dashes frame data.

  • Better cr mk, st lp, cr lk hitboxes.

  • Better recovery for MK Slash, or more reach for LK Slash. Oni really needs a way to get closer easier than now. He lacks both defensive zoning abilities and offensivve footsies. Give him one thing at least.

  • Better proyectile invincibility for MK Slash.

  • Higher stun, a bit more health (50 HP). He is way slower than Akuma and has way worse mix up potential, he should have more stamina.

  • Air U1 fireball should travel a bit faster.

This would make Oni a fun and almost viable char…

ex air dash, allows for ultra 1 air version to be somewhat viable.
FADC able blocked shoryuken
fullscreen fp.haduken uncharged
ex slash to have the same frame data from hitting some one infront as it does from behind, allowing you to land ultra from ex slash front hit
quarter circle input for ultra 2

It’d be nice if they removed the hittable box behind him when he does crossup slashes. That ish looks ridiculous.

FADC shoryu on block,
EX Air Dash able to pull out ULTRA 1
at least one full screen hadoken without charge
there are some instances when you HP shoryu, only the first hit makes contact the other 2 missed leaving you open for a counter, that should be fix
more health than Akuma
air dash front, more time to imput tatsu, that way you could decide weather you do the tatsu or nothing at all

I’ll think of some more

Give him something offensive. Damn its so hard to get in with him.
And change the input “forward HP” to “backward HP” because it often fucks up the motions.

one of these threads…ok here goes:

  1. EX Air Dash (as per that video)
  2. Make f.MK +4 on block.
  3. Make Slashes FACD’able at anytime.
  4. Give f.HK and cr.HK faster startup.
  5. A little less recovery on lower Air Dashes.
  1. Blocked SRK FADC
  2. Full invincibility on EX slash :smiley: