What do you want from sponsor's?(Tournament Organizers/Players)

What do you want from someone “Sponsoring” you to play in a tournament.

What do you expect from them “Sponsoring” you in a tournament.

I know the obvious answers,
[LEFT]travel fees, and entry money. But what else?

Another question, what benefits would attract someone to a sponsor more?[/LEFT]

No one would sponser me so I have no expectations.

This should probably be in FGD by the way.

Lots of blow and prostitutes is a plus.

:confused: and not a serious answer was given that day…

And not a serious question was asked that day…

FGD section?

To teach people not to use apostrophes as plurals.

haha you might get an infraction if this ends up going to FGD

But for me, i want hot asian chicks surrounding me as bodyguards…

Banana’s and Cocaine.

FGD = Fighting Game Discussion, separate subforum.

If I was to ever get sponsored I would want them to provide me with the secrets to Kor’s hair, as that would be useful outside of gaming as well.

I wish I could get sponsored, so ppl can see my legs…

I am Brolylegs btw

The essential 3 B’s for men: booze, beef and bitches.

If I got sponsored I would immediately stop practicing fighting games cause I’m already good enough to be sponsored so why practice right like totes waste of time anyways then I would go and find my ex who dumped me because I played too much fighting games and I’d show her that i wasn’t some loser who wasted my life playing fighting games but in fact now I was a sponsored loser playing fighting games and she would swoon in my arms and I would kiss her romantically at first but then slip in some tongue while my hand slipped down the front of her pants and I’d ROM her clit and fast fly on her labia and when shes about to bust I’d AHVB her mound and mash for more hits and then tell her that her boobs are roll tier and I never really liked her anyways and I thought her sister was always hotter even though her sister pops pills but hey all I want is just to tap that and not really get married yknow I don;'t believe in all that sers shit and then I’d sign some stick for all the stream monsters who show up to tourneys going “omg nick i loved when you called that guy free on stream” and I’d say “I never said that” and challenge them to an MM but they’d be like I dont play fighting games and I would be all wtf are you doing at a tournament then I quit the whole scene and retire watching reruns of the david letterman show back when paul was still funny

If anyone has any approaches or ideas I could do, please let me know.

You could probably get a whole team of Marvel players on board with just a carton of newports. If they were ever with EMP, they’d be getting a raise.

That’s a legit answer man!

this isn’t FGD.
No one gives a fuck. Sponsoring and E-Sports is a joke.