What do you want to see/change at the next PNWMajors?

I am going to start planning for the next PNW majors next summer. Even though a month has gone by, it is still close enough that people should remember it somewhat clearly. I really want to hear your guys opinions on what you would like to see at the next PNWMajors, and what you would like to see changed from the previous tournament. What went well would be great to point out also.

It doesn’t matter if it is totally realistic or not. It can be anything from, “I would like more pressure from the water fountain”, to “I would like all my matches on the big screen and recorded.” Staying realisitc will definitley help though.

Here are some of my goals for the next tournament.

  • Attendance of 300 people.
  • Bigger facility with adequate accomodations (power, sound, room, etc.)
  • Acquire a sponsor/multiple sponsors to pay for a majority if not all of the cost, secured ahead of time.
  • Achieve a profit to purchase consoles/equipment for future tournaments.
  • Capture more matches and even better documentation of the event.
  • Partner with other major tournaments to encourage attendance and awareness to out of state players.
  • Have Street Fighter 4 as a main game.
  • Better and more comprehensive advertising.
  • Maybe changing the name to just Northwest Majors?
  • Smaller pre-tournies to build hype for the big tournament, get practice running more tournaments. And because there fun.
  • Get winnings out to tournament winners faster. (This was more a of a personal failure.)

Not all of that stuff has to happen, but those are a few of the goals I would like to achieve by the next tournament.

So I want to know what you guys think should be at the next tournament, what needs to get changed, and what went well and should stay.

Bigger facilities would be nice. More ventilation to combat gamer funk. Food service.*

*Even if it’s just pizza and soda sales between 5 and 6PM to help fund the rental of the room(s)

I think finding a way to keep the tournament area cool and well ventilated is the best way to improve the overall experience for everyone.

A video trailer, or some kind of special video presentation at the tournament would be pretty cool too. Something with nicely edited tournament footage, player interviews, trash talk, etc.

The only thing I can think of to improve the experience is to have a more structured layout for casuals. I was left scrambling to get some Marvel going, and 46 people already had GG casuals going and barely one Marvel set up. Let’s be real people, no game is more entertaining to watch than Marvel.

We should designate specific areas for the BYOC for certain games. Let us put marvel in the best possible spots because it is the only game that matters. Having all of the games scattered is gross. I don’t want my marvel games along side of 3S and GG, it just doesn’t feel right. We all saw the huge crowd and line gathered around ONE marvel setup, bunching up all that goodness into a specific area would make more sense. So for instance we could have marvel on one side, GG on the other, and 3S in a closet somewhere.

I have a few things I’d like to chime in on…

-Definitely agree with Pablo on the casuals area. Should be more evened out. I think at most, there were maybe two Marvel casual areas throughout the day. Most of them were being used for XX AC. I think it being more evened out would benefit everybody.

-Any plans to make it a two day event? Reason I ask is because I heard a lot about what happened to the Canadian players that drove down. Also, another reason for it to be a two day event is to have special events (ala FT10s, team tourneys, etc). With it being two days, people would also get to socialize and have more time for casuals/money matches. I also think it being a two day event could lure people here from outside of the NW. Just curious on if you’ve thought about that yet.

-One idea I was kinda sad we didn’t get to implement due to time restraints was having marquee matchups on the big screen for each respective game. Watching the direct feed Marvel matches that Ray recorded makes me even sadder that we didn’t get to do this for all the games and not just in the grand finals.

-I think I remember you stating that you wanted the location for next year’s event to take place somewhere else. Any ideas so far?

-I like the idea of SFIV being the main game.

-Also like the idea of sponsorship. I guess the only question is who could we have sponsor?

-Agree with Wenzel on a hype video.

-I guess we should probably be nicer to strangers as well because we may never know if it’s some random writer for a website or something.

H2H setup for finals.

Hell no to H2H. This is not Japan. American SF culture is its own entity besides the games themselves. That means psyching out your opponent with physical movements in order to gain a tactical advantage to at least win the round.

hot announcer chicks with sexy voices

What in the Blue hell are you talking about?

i want to see about getting some catering or something.

711 hot dogs murder the stomach.

that’s just me being fat 'n random though.


A little more ventilation? :S

More room.

Trying to get casuals in with LM and Clayton in VF was pretty tough with Marvel taking up the space of the casuals area.

We could as well number the tv’s that are being used for the tourney as well. This would help out tremendously(sp?) with organization, sicne you could tell people over the intercom who and where they need to play.

We should be able to slug people who bitch about not having enough sticks or tv’s as well. Assholes who bitch but don’t do anything themselves suck. Myabe even kick 'em out, after you get their $ of course, with a no refund policy.

Me not going 2 and out in my game:mad:

No weird people watching me play and writing crazy articles about me.


brackets for cvs2 that are less screwed up. portland shouldn’t be eliminating itself after the first two matches.

A DVD made after the event (you could sell this), with trailer, etc. It can be as crappy as the B3 video hosted on Preppy’s site, that’s the kind of thing you watch drunk with your friends later, it’s so much fun.

It’s not too late to still make a DVD! RaybladeX made a DVD of all the recorded matches, all it takes is someone with some video editing skills. Let me know and I’ll make you a copy.

Oh, and more comprehensive signups so we can enter results in the ranking system. On that topic, Brent, do you still have the old signups? I really want to enter the results in the ranking system.

Yeah I have most of the brackets. John (JWO) still has the Tekken Bracket but he sent me the breakdown of it, and I’m sorry to say that I straight up lost the Guilty Gear Bracket, but I still have the other 5, and I have all of the sign ups and registration sheets.

Ideally, I will always have this stuff available for reference. That is the idea anyway.

PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE have some more cameras so that matches beyond just the finals can be online.

Scrubs such as myself who suck too much to make it to the semis would be hella interested in having their own matches so they could get some critiques and try to figure out how to improve.

-Some decent food options, I was getting hella mad when people kept dipping out to get food and didn’t tell me so I could add something to the order. Pizza and possibly some healthier shit maybe?

-MORE VENTILATION FOR THE LOVE OF GOD it smelled like ass in there later!

-Maybe a station or table where you could “check” equipment in and out, so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting jacked?

I believe he’s talking about, when you play side-to-side, you can see the player’s hand movement in your peripheral, and also get tips on what he’s doing audibly. That stuff isn’t possible on head-to-head where you can only go by what you see on the screen.

IMO both arguments are equally valid, I prefer side-by-side cus I like the extra dimension of mindgames from hearing the opponent’s hands.

Could you scan and upload the sign up/registration sheets? Doughboy needs it to input the results for PNW.

I’m also going to try to update the rankings site for support for multiple games, so please keep all tournament brackets.

Ok. This is where im stepping in and committing. I wanted to come up to the seattle tourny, but that didnt work out. I’ll definantly be coming to the PNW majors at PSU, and shooting documentery-style footage, as well as contributing to recording matches. (i have a couple cameras) - I just left my job of the last 4 years, doing all the video work for Windells Snowboard camp. Im now out on my own, looking to do freelance work in the upcoming years. I recently purchased a very nice camera, and have 6 years of video work under my belt-- only problem is, its all snowboarding .I need to expand my portfolio. I wanna produce a DVD, combining candid footage of the tourney, w actual recorded matches. ect. blah blah, theres alot of cool opportunities i think.

After reading the wack-ass stranger write up of the seattle tourney, im def. commited to shooting the skill, drama, comedy, and capturing the overall excitement of one of our tourneys.

And goddamnit, i’ll be trying not to come in expletive deleted last in 3S. -And maybe practice at ST. -I live in Portland now.

please note that i haven’t read anything except tajiri being wacked out about hot dogs.

the venue was sick in seattle just very, very hot.

have a more designated casuals set up where it’s not 45 games of guilty gear (which was fine until someone wanted to play anything else) that could be used to facilitate money matches and what not.

get some main event type shit too with 3v3/5v5 in at least 3 of the games i would suggest obviously i’m biast but 3s, cvs2, ST i would like to suggest other games like marvel but honostly the competition for marvel is pretty tyte when it comes to seattle marvel i don’t think portland can compare no offense to portland marvel it’s just truth in my eyes.

with the upcoming of new games STHDREMIX SF4 BlazeBlue tatsVScap lets see what we could do to facilitate that as well if only 1 would be good and im not sure how people would feel maybe replacing ST for STHDREMIX, just a suggestion.

i’ve never had any involvement in either seattles or psu’s grand tourney’s but we need some fool to announce the matches that know’s about each respective game and likes to talk shit i nominate tajiri that fools hella good at talkin’ trash.

is there any cost efficient way to make some merchandise to help fund raising IE: T-shirts… well that’s the easiest one lol maybe get some kind of financial backer to help pay for some shit some kind of local arcade or game store who wouldn’t be imparcial to support the fighting game community?

anyway that’s my 2 cents =) otherwise good shit at both tournaments let’s hope that fall brawl is just as good if not better! and i’m stoked for the next big seattle shin dig.

p.s. good luck to those all going to evo!