What do you want to see in 2012?


Basically what the title says. This year is nearly over and next year will be here before you even know it. That being said, what kind of things would you like to see happen in the coming year? Me, I could use some peace in the planet, some money in my pocket, and some better health all around. Some of those I can work on myself, others not so much. I’ll probably post later, but now it’s your turn. tell us what you want.



I’ll buy you a handgripper, and hope it motivates you to get into the gym before you qualify for that senior discount, O.G. :coffee:

What do I want see in 2012?

The U.S. Constitution being reinstated would be a perk.

That, and accountability for the Wall Street/speculations crowd would be devine.


Are volunteer riot squads on the table?
I want to shoot the OWS hippies with bean bag and rubber bullets.

Aside from that i’d like a few less shitty movies and my Walkmill for the work desk


I hope to go to Europe next summer without any devastating event or planned attack. Then go to Thailand and sleep with many young girls possible without getting burned.


The return of the Mack.


MG Raising, Bayonetta 2 and Vanquish 2.

That shit Clu was talkin bout would be nice to.


KOF in the EVO main event.


Hope they stop making Lean Pockets (?). Had that shit last year, almost killed me!!




Shit would be gdlk… let me cosign on this…

Hippie: I just want the freedom to speak my mind dude, and peace bro
BD: :mad: Freedom and peace THIS you damn hippie

Get my war-mongering Republican on… you always want what you can’t have… they should make some indie shmup where you shoot beanbags at hippies…

Yeah I need something that looks more hopeful than NG3… QTE’s flood the damn screen…

“Press Y to cut his arm off, press A to dodge this attack, press B to rip this guys nutsack off”… it’s like the game plays itself…

Let ME make the decision to do this…


i want to see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch. that and the dark knight rises.


Bayonetta 2, Megaman 11, and I’d like to see my shitty art not be shit anymore. :frowning:


[LEFT]I want a house, a sport bike, and a blonde girl with a bleached butthole[/LEFT]


I want to rule the world and see Starhammer with a new avatar.




Wii U…just when Nintendo couldn’t think of anything more crazy.

A promotion for myself.

The world to not go to shit beyond shit.

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Choco Party and Hyori…FOR LIFE!!!

I want to see my schoo loans disappear… but that’s gonna take a couple years.




Oh and Kill Bill Vol. 3

  1. Better Health
  2. Some wealth or at least a raise to cover the rising cost of living.
  3. For the US to finally lift the stupid travel and monetary embargo on Cuba. I want to get on a speed boat from Miami go to Havana one night and drink a Mojito and bed a bomb-ass cuban mami, then speed on back to the states.
  4. The Avengers & The Dark Knight Rises
  5. For the Scion FR-S be priced between 22-25k. Anything more and its an overpriced wannabe ricer.
  6. iPhone 5 with LTE support
  7. A united Central and South America.


The end of the world.

Let’s see what you’re made of, end of times. And this better not be one of them fake ones, damn it!


A slimmer me
A better position at work
Almost done with college
My own place
Titties in my hands
booty on my lap
KoF in EVO
My family well and healthy
The internet free
SRK GD to stay geezer (I mean that in a good way)

Still working on it…