What do you want to see in the mvc2 section?

What would make the mvc2 section more enjoyable to read? What kind of threads should be allowed, and which threads should NOT be allowed? (newbie threads for example).

Do any of you have any ideas on what you would like to see in the mvc2 section? Post in this thread. Also as far as the poll goes you can click on multiple choices so just click on what is applicable.

well personally I feel that with regards to strategies, in particular, team analysis and match ups, the mvc2 board’s kinda lacking. I would like to see more discussion of team dynamics, or even the differences in playing individual characters in different teams, for example Magneto in MSP in contrast to ROW, that sorta thing. And this is noob friendly as well , since it provides a platform for information on how Teams are structured in Mvc2. yeah.

I think it would be nice if someone did the psychology analysis to this game with teams and duos and such. Since most games like MvC2 are more mental than physical IMO, it would help to know what someone is thinking when they are coming up against someone.

It would also help to have more input about people’s playing experiences and opponents they’ve faced, and how they handled them, etc. That way, more people learn and adapt other people’s things, thus creating tighter gameplay pretty much.

Basically, I think it would help to get into the how’s, and why’s and the what’s of this game. That would help a lot.

I want to see a thread about low-tier matches. Where low tiers play either good games or actually win versus god tier/abused teams.

EDIT: I want matches the matches in video. Then people can contribute to the thread with their own matches by posting up links.

I think that each character should have a page that displays all the stuff that is known about that character so that it is easy to find (as opposed to thread searching).

with the newbie threads… i think there should be 1 newbie thread… complete full out newbie information… and newbie threads already answered in that section… the creator gets PM and delete thread… two times violation = ban… that’s how i did it when hikkicentral was online… i was a mod… (hikaru utada fan site)


newbie information…

good aaa’s
tier list
good starter teams
basic strategies vs. “cheap techniques” (eg. scrubby traps, cable’s hpx4)
BASIC combo explaination
terms explained

and if they have a question that’s NOT answered, we can put it in there… lock to questions within the thread itself, only open to moderators to add stuff in to keep it clean, and easy to navigate… i think that’s the one thing that i hav ea problem with a lot of stickies, is that a lot of people spam the shit out of it and you can’t find anything on the older ones.

that works too… each character section having a basic info thread… with frame data, move lists, good / bad matchups, good assists, good teams, etc etc etc.

Number 1 thing I would like to see is more people posting.