What does a noob like me have to learn?

I want to learn as much as i can in this game, could someone tell me the basics skills i need???
And what is Kara, Super jumping, and canceling???

Start here: [media=youtube]O5twy_2fifs[/media]

learn how to block better than you do guess parrying.

because guess parrying will only get you so far against the big boys like edma pyro and amir.

Simply read and play. Read to get ideas for strategies and how to punish with a character, and read to understand the game’s mechanics better. Play to get that character down and figure what works. Get experience and this will lead to an improvement to execution. Play people better than you to get better. To get good at any fighter, its 95% playing good players.

"And what is Kara, Super jumping, and canceling???"
You SHOULD just look this up, but I’ll just do it for you. Super jumping is jumping higher than a normal jump, and you achieve this by pressing down up to jump.

Cancelling is simply cancelling one move for another. When you d.mk with Ken, he sticks his leg out and then pulls it back. However you can cancel the kick animation straight into a special or super. It allows you to do things like hit and go straight into a super. A link is when you do a combo without cancelling.

The game engine allows you to cancel moves after a couple of frames, this is a kara cancel. Its very quick, a fraction of a second. In some cases, the first couple of frames of a move cause a change in a characters position, say it moves them a few frames forward and you cancel it into a throw. So the throw now has more range cause you did the kara. This is a more advanced strategy, so I wouldn’t rush to learning karas unless you’re main characters are Alex or Chun, and to a lesser extent Makoto, Ryu or Akuma.

…to read the stickies?

You must learn to punch, kick it’s all in the mind.

I tried checking the stickies but there was only videos, and i have dial-up :frowning:
And i would try to look for old threads, but i don’t have the time to do that :slight_smile:

if you want to test me i’m sure you’ll find…

how would internet forum ettiquette make him a better 3rd strike player?

Cuz all of the stickies have good information for a n00b. Including a thread specifically for n00bs.

never the less, here’s a lesson from teacher.

Better yet, how would being able to read make him a better third strike player? One of the stickies is a FAQ containing some rather useful information for a new players. :wink:

so kick!

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Go ninja go ninja go!