What does air fan mean?



I’m trying to learn her combos and on her bnb combos on the wiki page it says “air fan” and idk how you pull off an air fan because when i try to use fan toss in the combo.

f+4, 1 > B+2 > “air fan” etc.

WHAT DOES AIR FAN MEAN?! cause i can’t pull off a fan toss directly after back punch or jump in the air and do an air fan toss. Help please?


B+2 is her “Fan-youken” uppercut, which if you’re fast enough, you can cancel it into an air fan as when shes still in the air.
I have decent success with this when I simply try to do it in one fluid motion, as if its a B,D,F+1 move that i just hit 2 with at the beginning.
I know, its wierd, but its good damage especially in more advanced combos


Do an air fan as low to the ground as possible. Self-explanatory.


what peteylicious said


Agree to Cryoh