What does an Arcade-Perfect Stick consist of?

I am trying to create sticks that would match the joysticks of my local arcade before it closed down. Regretfully, I did not know about stick building while it was open and haven’t a clue what sticks were used, or what buttons were used in each machine, other than they were HAPP.

By “Arcade-Perfect” I mean it is an exact duplicate of, or almost an exact duplicate of, the street fighter machines at your local arcade. So if one ordered a street fighter machine when they were brand new, you would have received the parts I am looking to identify.

Unfortunately, like I stated, I can’t remember the configurations at all. So if someone knowledgeable with the following games cabinets:

SF: 3s

could tell me what was the default setup include on each cabinet, that would be great. I know that the parts were made by HAPP, but I have no idea what type of HAPP stick or buttons.


HAPP competition joystick right at the top of the page. http://www.lizardlickamusements.com/pages/joysticks.shtml

Happ comp buttons: about a third of the way down the page. http://www.lizardlickamusements.com/pages/pushbuttons.shtml

Thanks for the links, but I actually knew where to get the equipment; I was wondering what the standard equipment actually was for the machines listed above.

Most arcades use Happ Competition Sticks and Happ Competition Buttons (convex). Many of the older arcades used Happ Comepetition Sticks (maybe Happ Super Sticks) and Happ Ultimate buttons (concave).

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Yeah with a Competition stick and buttons, and that’s pretty much “arcade-perfect” right there.

where were you planning on getting it from?

he listed the ones that are used in machines

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I am thinking of getting a MAS, but I want to make sure that the components in it are the components I used to play on. Have capcom machines ever used Happ Ultimates or Supers? Do they use Ultimate or Super buttons?
If you post, can you let me know what your local arcade uses? I understand at China Town Fair in NYC the 3s machine has P360s, for example.

depends on the arcade and the person.
you seem to be barking up the wrong tree looking for one uniform layout. when in actuality different arcades use different buttons and different sticks.
the buttons im sure you can remember which kind they used (if it curved inward “concave” or not "convex)
as for the stick just go with a p360 its the best thing happ has to offer.

P360’s are the new standard. However, if you want the real deal get happ competition buttons and sticks. That is what we were playing on back in 1996 when arcades were still around. This is America, none of that gay sanwa JLFOSBN-32ex v. 2.5 blah blah blah type of shit on the SF machine at my 7-11.

P360s are the new standard, but I am looking for the old standard. Did ANY machines come with an Ultimate or Super, or did the arcade managers have to put them in. Arcades are different of course, I am just wondering about the just-out-of-the-factory Capcom standard.

That is why i said Happ Competition sticks. Happ ultimates are what you probably played on, but once you get good you realize they are terrible.

Some of the cabinets at my college arcade use Supers.

Just get the competition stick and buttons. If you’re going for the old school look and feel, you won’t be disappointed. Though typically the older cabinets used the concave buttons, not convex, I don’t think you would regret getting convex buttons for a second.

As for the other types of Happ sticks, the ulitimate and super just aren’t as good as the competition. I would recommend avoiding them. The P360 is going to feel radically different than what you are used to. Avoid it as well.

I have a question. What are the advantages of the perfect 360 when compared to HAPP competitions?

What is bad about the Supers? I get the feeling most cabinets came with competitions or supers from the comments here, but I haven’t much at all about supers.

Most older fighter cabinets used either competition sticks or super sticks. Nothing is wrong with Supers, they are a great stick, personally I prefer them over competition sticks. The main difference between a super and a competition stick is that supers use a round actuator to engage leaf switches connected to the cherry microswitches; whereas competition sticks use a square actuator to directly engage the microswitches ( meaning the competition stick has a slightly more “square” feel, though not nearly as much as jap sticks)

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And to add to this because of the way microswitches are engaged on the Supers, some people say they have problems hitting diagonals on them. For old-school arcade games like Final Fight that isn’t too big of a deal, but for fighting games missing diagonals is obviously a big problem.