What does B&B combo stand for?

Here’s the ultimate noob question, what does B&B stand for in the phrase B&B combo?

I’ve seen a lot of threads listing combos called that, but I’ve never seen an explanation for what B&B means.


Bread and Butter.

bread and butter. Meaning a combo that’s fairly easy to do.

I’m pretty sure you could find the definition somewhere on here if you looked a bit harder.

Bread and Butter.

Thanks. I’d only seen it explained as “beginner combos”, so I was always curious what exactly B&B stood for specifically.

:lol: ok,wow i thought everyone knew what that meant. BnB combo mean bread and butter. that just means its a characters basic combo,but also one of the most effective.

its imperative that you learn these combos. they are usaually pretty easy to pull of but at the same time really reliable. you usually won’t go far without them.

more than easy, a must known combo imo, there are some bnb’s that arent that easy to do than others for some chars

A ‘B&B’ or ‘BnB’ or ‘Bread and Butter’ combo is a combo that is fundamental to know if you want to play as a character and actually be effective.

It doesn’t mean an ‘easy’ combo like some people are saying. There are some characters in fighting games (like Akira in the Virtua Fighter series) that have BnB combos that take weeks to learn. Some of Akira’s bread and butter combos are the hardest combos in fighting games period. They are hard combos but they are the necessary to know if you want to win matches.

bread and butter really means that something is the staple of your diet.

It’s a metaphor for the combos that will make up the majority of your damage. You might be able to hit more complex and damaging stuff in certain situations, but the BnBs make up the core body of your damage output.

Really didn’t need a thread to ask this. Seriously, if you think it’s a noob question just ask in the lounge in GD or in the thread you see it in.

Bitches & Boobs

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