What does dizzy and mashable moves contribute to fighting games?

What does dizzy and mashable moves contribute to fighting games? Feel free to include under the category of “mashable moves” as mashing of any type that can be used to reduce stun, increase damage, increase hits, reduce damage etc. Can anyone tell me?

Well, any time that you mash for more damage/hits, you’re rewarded… by more damage and hits. Likewise w/ mashing out of damage/hits… you get hurt less.

Basically, mashing rewards players for trying hard. In the case of stunning, mashing gives the player a chance to exit stun before they get hurt badly.

…and even retaliate while the opponent is expecting you to still be stunned. :slight_smile:

My personal fave is continuous circling with Zangief during Fierce SPD to max damage. :tup:

Knowing that you’re about to get dizzied adds a certain level of tension which obviously affects what you’re willing to try/risk. Sure it can be stupid like in WW, but a dizzy system like in 3S adds alot. Mashable moves are more gimmicky imo. I’d that guess capcom’s original intent was to simulate a more visceral, hands-on approach to what’s happening on-screen.

what people should realise is there are moves in games that solely are made to get the opponent into the stun state, people need to be looking at that bar more often…

Just think if you couldn’t mash out of moves. Like vf4 when you stagger or mvc2 hypergrav xx tempest. If I couldn’t mash out of hyper gravs I don’t know how I could play the game. Another game that comes to mind is ggxx #r. Some characters would be hella broken if you couldn’t mash out of stagger.

Mashing was a conspiracy between capcom and arcade parts makers (Happ with Capcom USA and Sanwa with Capcom Japan). It culminated in MVC2 where arcade owners have to replace parts all the time :lol:

mashing is fun close thread

I dunno exactly, but if certain moves did full damage without mash it would make them a little too good.
Like Juggernaughts Headcrush, if it hit for full damage everytime without mash, motherfucker would be playable.

Close thread??? There’s no topic that could satisify you is there? I think this thread is perfectly fine. Mashing out of slip is pretty cool in GGXX re. There’s nothing like getting out of a Slayer bite loop.

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In 3rd Strike, mashing does nothing for Chun Li with SAII. Just ask Justin Wong…