What does "Duff" mean? Confused


Hey, I just heard a term I have not heard before within the FGC and that is “Duff”. Exactly what does it mean in relation to someone playing? I hear it a lot when Smug plays. Also, I hear someone saying that something was “OD”. I know OD means overdose, and people say “OP” for over powered", but why would they say something is OD? Mine explaining that to me as well?


Duffman from the Simpsons.


Duff means, to punch someone in the face


Duff in the UK can mean ‘shit’ or not very good.

If I were to say the character was Duff I would mean in a negative (not very good) way


Or maybe we hear the word “buff” so much in this community it transforms into something new? Pls duff gen.


Ask them niggas from philly


It’s some stupid shit being whored out on TS streams.





a flour pudding boiled or steamed in a cloth bag.

You’re welcome.