What does everyone think of B.A.L.A. and Romances tier chart?




Whenever I see that, I can’t help but feel I’m being trolled.


Stupid. Very low credibility. You guys shouldn’t even be listening to this garbage.


I’m a KOF scrub I will admit that. But Ive been around the FGC since SFA2 and one thing I’ve learned is that tier lists evolve over time. I think the chart is a good jumping off point since the game is still young but I don’t expect it to stay the same by July.


Let’s see Leona is the worst in the game. The moment I heard that this list lost all credibility. I may be still learning the game but I know what she is capable of and her HD combos aren’t that hard(At first glance, it is). Once you know the how to do the combos.


They say that Leona is the worst because she needs meter.


Kula should be higher imo.


But Leona doesn’t need meter.


I’ve never agreed with a tier list for a game that’s less than a year old.

Let’s look at Marvel 2… Original top tier was Cable, Iceman, Dr. Doom, and Blackheart. That was the solid top tier for over a year before people figured out Sentinel and Magneto… Storm and Sentinel were originally considered low tier.

Marvel 3 claimed Sentinel was broken, so Capcom nerfed him.

Red Venom in Marvel 1 was considered low because of his health for quite a number of months before his offense was truly figured out.

Urien was considered GARBAGE in 3S when that game launched for almost 3 years, at least in the states. Japan knew…

Point being: regardless of if you do or don’t agree with this tier list is irrelevant. A 2-month tier list is DEFINITELY GUARANTEED to change on any fighting game that’s worth playing.


Kula should be at least one tier higher. Somewhere around where K’ is. They were too tough on Leona. If anything she should at least put her by Ralph.

Im really glad though that they were giving a lot of deliberation on the potential of Ryo. Ryo is super solid and like they said only got buffs in console version. He’s a super solid on point character. His far standing C and D have great range and are cancelable on hit and wiff and give him great mid range control where alot of characters suffer in this “neutral” space. You can essentially play SF4 footsies at mid range with Ryo varying C whiffs cancels with fireball, or wiff baits for jump ins or rolls. HIs crouching D has absurd range and is also cancelable on hit and wiff. And his corner pressure is really good too. Far standing meaty standing C or D cancel into fireball most of the cast cant do anything unless they have a fast invincible DP. Close C to A fireball~crouching C is a great frame trap in the corner. He also does well against fireball characters due to the fact that you can parry fireballs and slowly push them back to the corner.

Like previously mentioned this is a good starting point for an attempt to make a tier list. There are only a couple of big things I dont agree with which was the Kula, Leona, and King placements. However, the rest of it you could probably shift a character slightly left or right and it wouldn’t be that big of a difference. Like someone said, tier lists are ever evolving and I’m sure since the game is fairly new, we’ll see more changes to it in the future.


I don’t believe Kim is that low…


its either a clever comment on how stupid tier lists are so early after a games release, or those guys dont know their stuff.
IMO its not even up for debate, if leona is garbage.
Theres also a lot wrong with other placements, for example benimary is probably not that high. I saw bala listing all his advantages as a top tier char and some just weren true>_>

moving on now


Leona, bottom? What the actual fuck. What kind of explanation is there for that? “Needs meter” wouldnt even matter if it was true, since there’s this thing called putting a character in 2nd/3rd place.


I agree with you although for me he depends of the corner a lot for his maximum damage atm, anyways i need to practice more with him to see his full potential.


But yeah guys, their tier list is very wonky. It’s like they’re basing the tier list more around damage than actual tools. Why are both EX Kyo and EX Iori both so high on the “have weakness” portion while normal Kyo and Iori are higher but suffer spacial control issues that EX Kyo and EX Iori make up for in design. If anything it’s Kyo and Iori with weaknesses. There’s just so much wrong with the list.


Better format: http://pastebin.com/2QHiQyNU

I agree with the majority of it, but a few things don’t make sense to me, most notably Leona being in bottom, which seems completely inaccurate.


Off-topic, but I really despise the revisionist history being spewed on SRK about the early MvC2.
Iceman was top-tier for like 1 week…maybe a MONTH at best, before everybody found out how limited he was.
A much better example of a “Year 1 Top” would have been Cammy or Spiral. And Storm was never low-tier.

Anyway, on-topic, Laban is right.
Retarded tierlist is retarded.
Clark better than Andy?
Leona bottom-tier?
Kula and King almost bottom tier? Especially when they’ve been on winning tournament teams?


Just remember:
Being bottom tier doesn’t mean that you lose to top tiers for free. At least, not yet with this game. I don’t think Leona, Joe, Terry or any of the other widely debated bottom tier characters vs Kyo, Iori, Benimaru or any of the other widely accepted top tier characters is in anyway close to Yun vs Sean or Sasquatch vs Anakaris or Cable vs Roll.

Also remember:
It’s too damn early! Arcade version may have been out for over a year, but this is far and away a completely different game from the arcade version in the competitive sense. This list will change, if it even were correct in the first place.

They are judging characters entirely within a vacuum. Tools, damage potential, execution required, space control - all important, but if half the cast has a way to counter your advantages, it doesn’t really matter! That’s why I believe match-up discussion needs to be done far before any tier list discussion. Just how I feel.


I personally think in the end, characters with the most versatility and a command grab will remain top. Rest is debatable.


Mr. Karate, top tier after 4 or 5 days? smh.

(I know they do the beta testing, but still…)