What does "fraud" mean?


I’ve been hearing/seeing it for quite some time, and every single time I try to ask anywhere everyone gives me these retarded troll answers, or they tell me to google it and get all aggro because I don’t keep up with fighting game lingo. I tried to google it several times, and I found nothing. I would just like to know what it means, without the ridiculously immature answers. :heart:

I figure at least one person here would give me a real answer. If not here, then where else, right?


this is a website for gaming discussion, questions, and answers. ironically, a lot of people here can’t be bothered to do any of those ~_~
fraud is short for fraudulent. it means “fake” or “involving deception.” it’s an actual word, not gaming lingo. what context do you keep hearing it in?


Anything used to dictate someone who bitched out or someone who talks big but can’t back it up.

I.E. Capcom or Justin Wong’s driving abilities.


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I see everyone calling every other player that comes on screen a fraud after they lose or whatever. Which makes no sense to me, because I don’t see how losing makes you a fraud.
Also, I saw Chris G wearing a shirt a little while ago that said “FRAUD”


oh so you’ve seen it on streams? lol. those are probably just people joking. chris g is the guy who uses morrigan’s astral vision fireballs + dr. doom’s hidden missiles all the time, and a lot of people think that’s cheap. justin wong runs away from his opponent a lot, etc. another thing they say when someone loses really badly is they’ve been “exposed!”


A fraud can be seen as a person who plays a strong team or character for easy wins yet gets exposed badly when he meets his first piece of stiff competition. particularly in a match that is extremely favorable to the strong character.

Example: Pick Yun in sf4ae and body scrubs for free. Run into a semi decent Dhalsim who proceeds hand you your ass and sprinkle it with Curry


Densuo’s got it right. However you are an idiot. The FGC uses fraud’s actual definition, which you could have found out had your actually googled it. And who are you calling immature with your little heart at the end of your post? I really hope this is a terrible troll attempt, 4/10, typed two lines.


The guy must obviously be trolling right, it cant be a legitimate question? Dundle here ladies and gentlemen is one of the main reasons why nobody takes SRK forums seriously anymore.

Nikogasm, Husteen and Densou pretty much nailed the answer for you.


FGC is just like Rappers always coming up with dumb ass catch phrases I just think it’s so stoopid…



Weirder is calling characters frauds.

Like I get ‘he’s not actually good he’s just lucky or letting a high tier carry him’ (although when typed out it sounds like a scrubby excuse for losing), but for a character to be a fraud… what they have to not be as good as their results imply? If the character isn’t good, people are gonna have a hard time winning with them, and it’s gonna show.


If you have to ask…than you’re the fraud.


Well, the most famous use is during the soap opera Jago/Ross feud when Jago would call Ross a Fraud, with the intent of claiming that Ross was not a good player. The term has lost almost as much meaning as accusing someone of being “free” on these forums. When someone is “free” means they are an easy win. Now idiots use it as a general insult. “you own a PS3? stay free” -_-


How am I an idiot for not understanding the language of a community I’m not part of? There’s no way I would know that they’re using the actual definition just from Googling it. And the first thing you said was that Densuo had the correct definition, which is certainly not the exact meaning of the word “fraud”.


I’m terrible at fighting games. I play like an eight year old. I just like to watch tournaments and such because they’re rather entertaining.


You should have put the title as “What does the word “fraud” mean in the fighting game community?”

The grammar nazi’s will eat you alive.

And yeah, essentially what Densuo said.


What the hell does the word fraudulent mean. It’s not hard at all to figure out.


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Fraud in the context of the Fighting Game Community is just someone who likes to talk themselves up / make it out that they’re better than they actually are.

For example, X plays Dhalsim and is brilliant against Ryu, he knows Ryu, but he doesn’t know his character half as well as he makes out he does. He talks himself up and builds hype but gets called out as a fraud. X gets blown up by the first Rufus he plays exposing his fraudulence as his knowledge is incomplete. He’s no where near as good as he was making himself out to be.

Calling someone a fraud is just the fighting game communities way of keeping people who get lucky from time to times ego in check, it’s not that complicated. Some people like to think they’re exceptional when they get on a streak and brag about it, people tend to brag less when they’re salty from getting their ass handed to them and being called out.