What does Hibiki say in her level 3 Super?

Sorry for this spammish post, but the Hibiki stickies didn’t reveal anything. I even dug through some Hibiki guides on GameFAQs in hopes that a few fanboys might know that Japanese line she says during this super.

So uhh… what does she say when she lands that level 3 super?

please be specific next time, hibiki has 2 supers that says something when she lands it

the black out super is “Shi wo miru, suru ga gotoshi” = “Looking at death is just like doing it”

the dash super is “Kimeru! ShinKi…Hasshou!” = “I will end this! Divinity…Victory!”

It’s on GameFAQs, under the section In-Depth FAQs, on Voice Translations. search carefully next time

Thank you.