What does it mean to be American?

What do you think is good or bad about being an American?

I had a conversation about this subject with a Turkish immigrant, and he pointed out some things about the US to me that I, as an American, never thought about.

So, how do you feel about being American?

Wanting to preserve the freedoms you immigrated to enjoy (including helping to protect it from people who want to cause harm to it and it’s people, regardless of the commonalities you may share with the assailants, such as race and religion), get along peacefully and learn to communicate with others here, and not trying to force this land to become the very thing you escaped from, unlike some of our immigrants seem to be doing…but that is also the fault of overly pc idiot lawmakers.

To be awesome, live in the best country and have everyone else hate you because you’re what they could never be.

I like being American because we are probably the most free country of all countries. Sometimes that causes problems, but that is few and far in between. I like being American because it is so many things, from sea to shining sea, the forests, the plains, the big cities, everything is America, no other country in Europe has got it all like us, and because of that, a lot of the European nations seem to be jealous yet at the same time love us for the things we have done for them.

I know there will be some heavy troll action in this thread, but oh well, some Americans are weeabos or Eurofags.

Depends who you’re asking. The government, or its people. American politics see’s revenue in war while placating to be the free nation of the world. In reality, those who aren’t financially well off work hard to pay the bills and that’s about it. We have laws for just about everything and a good amount of them are stifling how people live everyday. One mistake will follow you the rest of your life in this country. Our idea of ‘luxuries’ has shifted to the things only the rich and famous can afford. Yet it’s commonly expected these days that we own and operate things people in many other countries don’t have. Yet at what expense? Mainly I’d be the first to say we embrace ignorance so to not think of such things. When it comes to who we elect, it’s always about picking the lesser evil. That should be the first tip.

Considering the shitty economy, a lot of people are just now taking into prospective on what’s important in regards to what you can afford. It has nothing to do with personal morals anymore. Everything in America revolves around money.

America only wants you to be rich and making good money if they benefit from it. When money goes into the governments pocket, they’ll tell you how proud they are to see you ‘working so hard.’ The celebrities are just in a league of their own because people put them there. Frankly, I don’t see the appeal in giving half-wits special treatment. The entertainment industry isn’t solving the worlds problems. We reward them for distracting us from the issues at hand.


My first thoughts


But you’re not American, despite Quiche taking a picture of you across the border, possibly illegally.

Oh and in America, and our snack foods are so very very sweet.


My point was that I am one of those who hate you because I am not you.

Are we talking about all of America or just the U.S.A. ?

i am jealous of your fatty food restaurants

that is all

Now, I’m not an Anti-American weeaboo or Euro-*** or anything, but I would like to point out that the average American’s standard of living in the past few decades has been slipping significantly below…oh, all of Western and Central Europe, Scandinavia, and most of East Asia.

The top 1% ruling elite is still as rich and powerful as ever, but everyone else is going down, down, down.

so what you are saying is that to be american is to believe things are better than they really are?

Well the nice thing about America in contrast to Turkey is that they don’t really care for honor killings. Yet, in Turkey, around half of their murders are honor killings. Most recently, a 16yr old girl was buried alive in her backyard by her family because she was caught talking to boys.

Why are tribal mentalities so prevalent in muslim cultures? What is keeping them from moving forward?

Bad thing about being American is having to be associated with a corrupt government and atrocious history. Kind of like being Catholic.

When I think of the bad side of America I think of the stupid, fat, consumerist, materialistic, warmongering people easily manipulated by pseudo-news and religious dogma.

Im proud to be British because… oh wait.

i think he means usa. no one goes what does it mean to be america…and is talkin canada.

  1. To be fat
  2. To drive a pick-up truck that guzzles large amounts of petrol
  3. To Smoke

that’s a loaded question, but i’ll bite.

one word…zeitgeist.

That is a wise statement!

To dub everything.