What Does It Mean To Be Good At MK9?

So… after weeks of playing online, this is what I’ve discovered about the community.

If I sit there and mindlessly shoot projectiles, then teleport when the opponent can finally make a move, I’m considered one of the best players.

However, when I try to mix it up and use 10+ hit combos and different poke strings, I’m considered a “combo spammer” and I should “gtfo this game nub”.

So spammers are pros, people who try to incorporate skill are losers?

And just to clarify, my win loss ratio is over 2.5, so this isn’t a rage thread. I’m just wondering what skill is in this game.

This is not a rage thread. This is a crying thread.

You want a pro-tip? The community doesn’t give a damn what you do online.

Who considers you a good player for spamming projectiles?

Why are you worried what idiot scrubs think?

Spamming, comboes, turtling. it all doesn’t matter,

Winning does.

To answer the question directly…if you don’t get bodied by Sabin or Chris G, your good at this game in my book. I mean they scare away all the local competition in NYC. LOL

/crummy post

It seems like you’re fighting against these abstract rules and concepts that a lot of casual players project onto games. Years ago I used to have my own set of rules about what’s fair and what’s not when I was playing against friends in SF2. Coincidentally – or not – those rules were usually about/against anything I didn’t know how to beat. In other words, I was a No-Good-Turbo-Scrub.

So stop worrying about “what it means” to be good and focus on “what I have to do” to be good. Because being good at MK9 is what it means to be good at any other fighting game, honestly. I don’t think anyone in the actual MK community would judge you for playing the game.

not doing random full-screen xrays??

Let me get this straight, you came across a couple “bad apples” and you used that to judge every MK player in the world. sigh

It boggled my mind how many times I got hit by random Xrays the first week MK came out. I was dumbfounded lol

It seems good ol’ wake up ultra carried over from SF4 and turned into wake up X-ray.

Winning a tournament major makes you a good player. Regardless of what tactics you used to go about winning it.

using the block button is a good tactic.
and if someone is spamming you full screen x-rays are a good tactic :slight_smile:

Ur getting mixed up with the online community and offline community. The online community is new and arrogant. The offline is mature and helpful. IDk. But definitely the majority of ppl online are horrible. This is the number 1 reason why MK online is bad. Its the ppl. Maybe that an overstatement. Anyways, ppl online will quit after 1 match. they find out ur skill level and they are intimidated. It could be a coincidence that 90% of the people I face just don’t want a rematch. That brings me to another thing. Ratios. I don’t care if ur ratio is 800 to nothing. I’m going to beat you. It actually has happen. Ratios don’t matter. I’m pretty sure this is why I’m not able to play against these players. Dude I suck but that’s online and I don’t care about my score. If I’m playing a good player, then I’m going to want to play more even if I lose. And it has happened. Also, ppl in the chat are horrible as well. Most won’t challenge u. I’m like there trying to request battles just to get rejected. I don’t know whats worse, players search or chat rooms. When I do get an approval, they quit after one match. I’m like wtf it was just getting fun.

Ppl online are just bad in general but MK takes the cake. Its probably because the games revival and its hype that brings so much new players to the scene. What it means to be good online is to use it as a tool to level up ur game. I don’t take it seriously. Yeah it does piss me off that I get the wrong inputs or I can’t punish sometimes but its shruggable. Just think about The Excellent Adventures of Mike Ross and Gootecks. They’re great players offline but bad online. When playing online, anything can happen. I never heard of combo spammers. that’s something new. But it takes alot to get in if ur char can’t spam projectiles. Meter management is important. Block dash. Reading opponents combo strings. Spamming I do hate in this game. i posted something about spamming but working on dash blocking helps u get in and patience. Not falling for traps. So much traps in this game. X-rays are traps. I believe defense to super important in this game. Defense that lead to rush down. That seems to be the model for most good fighting games.

thats actually a great way of putting it

I agree, people called me a “spammer” all the time but eventually I just got over it. All you have to do is pick characters who don’t have charge moves and you’ll do as good as anyone else playing.

No… I said the community, and by that I meant the online community (online MK players), not every person who plays. Thanks to all the serious posts, I guess I’ll just deal with lameness and hate messages lol.

I was playing this one guy today who kept doing weaksauce shit, so I just started doing jump kicks with Jade. Once in a while I’d throw some projectiles. His ratio was way better than mine.

After the match, he writes in the room “burnman spams”, lol. Learn to avoid jump kick scrub.

Guess what. 1st. Online means nothing. 2nd. As long as you win, that’s all that matters, so long as you didn’t cheat to do it. Forget the online tards, they are idiots.

they should have rest this shit after patch, I have already beaten 3 top ten’s on xbox live ranked that just did sheeva’s Up/Down uppercut… it was embarrassing

I couldn’t agree more with the fact that online doesnt matter. Especially with the ratios and whatnot because ranked matches online are ONLY about how many wins and games you’ve played rather than actual skill and ratio. At one point I was competing for the top spot on playstation ranked games and after I beat the top 7 or 8 with no problem I realized that it was just a numbers game… Im at like 650 wins to 108 or so losses and im ranked at a lowly 50 about right now.Whereas the number 2 guy has over 2000 wins but I think he has damn near 1000 losses too. If you dont have a life outside of MK you may just reach the top spot. So I don’t take online too serious anymore. I live In Sacramento Cali and I’ve been looking for a ‘home’ sort of speak as far as offline casuals and even tournaments but I can’t find anything.
MK isnt the worst with people online. Ive met my share on EVERY game. COD, Madden, AE. They are everywhere. But I have found an online community (MK) that is at least trying to take itself seriously an grow. It might not be many but they are trying.

online kids are salty and typically bad offline. many top players at tournies don’t have immaculate online records. if people acknowledge you’re spamming, and rage about it, that means they know what’s going on and they’re not reacting properly to it. read the spam, react. that easy. you’ll get hate for it, but that’s online in general. people like anonymity and utilize it to their advantage. online is good to get a basic idea of what to do, but getting used to online tactics is moot because they’re rarely what you’ll encounter at tournies.

unless it’s an online tourney/match.

in short, do what it takes to win by adjusting to offline/online factors, and approach the respective matches accordingly.