What does it mean to play a fighting game "competitively"?


By it’s very premise, any one-on-one fighter is “competitive”. One player wins and the other loses. I thought the goal of any fighting game is to BEAT THE OTHER PLAYER, hence the competition. I never heard of anyone playing a fighter (outside of some Smash-derived kiddy crap) for shits and giggles…maybe a couple 11 year olds who don’t really know how to play a game fooling around with it with nothing in the way of strategy but mash buttons, or the casual gamers who claim a fighter sucks cuz they beat it in one day using one move. Or does it mean that to be a competitive player, you have to attend tourneys, and buy arcade sticks and shit? Idunno. Anybody got a sound definition for this term?


this is why i dont understand “casual” matches, just an excuse to say you didnt really lose.


Very subjective.

To me, I think you just need to care. Care enough to learn, care enough to watch vids, care enough to play against other people, and care enough to go to tournaments. That’s very vague, but the best I can do for now.



I always thought “competitive” matches meant in a tourney/ranbat/whatever setting. Casual matches are anything outside of that. Pretty simple.


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