What does it mean to "Tiger Knee" a move?

Some Cable said he Tiger Kneed a grenade and ahvb twice…DK if its true but I just want to know what it means to Tiger Knee a move, Thanks

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Hadouken motion is :qcf:.
Tiger Knee motion is :qcf::uf:.

Using Ryu’s Hadouken as an example. If you use the normal motion, Ryu will just fire a Hadouken, like usual. But if you use the Tiger Knee motion, Ryu will jump a little bit off the ground, and then fire a super-low-altitude air Hadouken.

The most obvious use for this is Cable’s HVB. The ground version has a bunch of lag, while the air version doesn’t. By Tiger Knee’ing it, you can do a really low to the ground aerial HVB, then land almost instantly and fire a second one.

Additionally, the tiger knee motion counts as a super jump instead of a normal jump, so you can super jump cancel a normal right into a special.

This is how Cable’s basic AHVB combo is done. When the s.hk hits, it is super jump canceled and then HVB comes right out.

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Also, Tiger Knee is sometimes abbreviated with TK.

For some reason it’s more difficult to TK a Heavy special than it is to TK the weaker variation. Super’s are just as lenient as Light specials.

The way I TK involves an extra input, but I find it to be more reliable when doing TK’d Heavy moves. I start at down, roll to up-fwd, then go straight to down-fwd. There’s no real reason this should work, but by hesitating with the button input until I reach down-fwd, I’m basically just allowing the perfect amount of time for the super-jump to take place.