What does it mean when someone says "(character) shouldn't even be top tier/OP"?

What is typically being addressed when someone is making such a claim?

A specific example that sticks out in my mind was in vanilla Tekken Tag 2 when Hwoarang was top tier along with Lars and the Mishimas. That phrase got thrown around quite a bit whenever Hwo was brought up.

It means people want to whine and complain about tier lists instead of practicing the game.

It means their opinions can safely be dismissed as worthless.

Because Tekken tier lists repeat themselves and hwoarang is always mediocre, yoshi lei and kuma are low and mishimas lars nina steve and bob are good.

Basically if it’s a stance character the developers make it based on stupid parlor tricks instead of a short, effective movelist and only the latter thrives in high level play.

That and the only reason Hwoarang was top tier was because he could get a juggle off of a unblockable tech trap