What does it take to maximize Gen potential



I want to know your opinion of what is required to be a Gen master.


Mastering zoning with all of Gens normals
Mastering Yomi (learning your opponent) and using that knowledge from the first round
Knowing your matchup knowledge specifics, especially character specific setups, most notably for me, setups for crossup oga. (Only use it first round to learn if it works on backthrow, sweep, oga>sweep reset)
Practicing “buffering” to utilize full screen punishes with ultra 1 (dash/focus fishing)
Obviously knowing your combos depending on the situation. (Punish, ultra punish, bnb from cr.lk)
Using Yomi at the right time to mix up your opponent, and knowing those mixups.

Utilizing no charge focus on block frame advantage pressure (patch 2012)

Abusing jump arcs, and fuzzy block setup. (Yes there is one.)

Frame traps obviously.

I mean, there are ALOT of things that people don’t know, a true master would use and abuse everything, from gekiro to crane u1, to timing out the clock with long winded mantis st.mp>crane mp.jayesen>frame trap to close ex.gekiro float>land behind opponent>backthrow>oga crossup>sweep>oga crossbow>crane j.hk x2> crane ultra 1

Gen can zone 50% of an opponents health away safely, as long as he makes his opponent respect him.