What does it take!?

I noticed on kaillera how many freaking people play SSB, but people barely play any NES/Genesis/Anything else non-arcade or 64. So I tried hosting an NES game, but for 5 hours straight NO ONE would join. :expressionless:

My point is: we need more people willing to play non-arcade and 64 games.

Also, a question. Are there any other server type things like kaillera or is it the only one?


It would depend on the game, I guess, but then again, there’s people who wouldn’t want to play a NES/SEGA/SNES game when MAME is out there.

It sometimes depends on the server you go to, too. There are some servers that only allow certain emulators. Can’t help but try another server in that situation.

But you want people to really get other emulators/games being used, YOU have to push for it. Spread the word, get people that are interested in those games to hop on in.

A slow (and maybe useless) way to get people to play would be to just start a game and wait for someone. If you ping out, try again. :stuck_out_tongue: To tell the truth, I’ve only seen a… either Genesis or Master system on Kaillera 2. One of the times it was me and my friend playing after we discussed it over IRC.


I dont know it will be hard because people usually play online for competition.

and arcade games and ssmb are all competition games.
except maybe the side scrolling games. but those are hardly played.

I too atest to such repeative behavior online. :stuck_out_tongue:
In all seriousness tho, I Love the ol’ skool. If your online and you’re up for somethin ol skool (gens, nes, etc.) just get my attention and if you play anything I happen to like i’ll gladly switch emus for some oldie action. Or just get me on my IM (check profile). I’d like to do some Nekketsu Kakautou Denetseu with someone, but very few takers tho.

**Well, the 3 main US server God Weapon, EmulArena Grounds Unit X, DaRoms are dominated by Super Smash (N64) and Marvel vs Capcom, King of FIghters 2002 (arcade) gamers. I do try some arcade coop games sometimes and I’m stuck waiting for players for a long time sometimes aswell. I only load up an snes or nes game online when I know I have a friend coming from msn. Otherwise I’ll wait forever.

I was able to knab some emails from guys with the same interests so we can hook up playing some snes and coop games on the fly.**

Playing streets of rage/gunstar heros co-op doesn’t sound too bad.

Why not try zbattle if your into snes games.

Wow, yeah. That makes the most sense. A lot easier than waiting around for someone on Kaillera.