What does Ken say?


Right before his match he throws up the peace sign and than the thumbs down. What does he say in Japanese during the action?


Bring it on.


He says different things. One is essentially bring it on or come at me, etc. He also says what sounds like koitsu no tanoshii sou da. Which seems like, “This guy’ll be fun (to fight), won’t he” or something to that effect. Someone with better japanese can give a better answer.


he says nigga you gay


We should have a list of every character’s speech in-game.


???Thats what it sounds like to me atleast and it essentially is the same as your translation.


yeah defnitely. i heard another sound but I couldn’t tell and was too lazy to load up the rom to see. sounds right though.


What does Chun-Li say after she wins and crosses her arms? My Japanese isn’t bad, but it’s kind of hard to hear her. Something about a loss.


What does ‘Yattome’ mean?Sean says it when he wins.

Also when Akuma taunts he goes ‘SHOOSH’.Guy in SSFIV says the same thing after bushin chain,but in English he says ‘foolishness’.I guess shoosh=foolishness then?


Sean says ‘yattaze’ afaik. Yatta is like ‘yes! i, you, we, did it! hooray!’ the ze is a masculine thing. Makes it sound more definitively male and kind of ‘cool’ in a comic book sort of way. Compare it to how chun li says just ‘yatta’ .

I think it’s shoushu. I’m not sure. Assuming the kanji is ??? then it’d be like little/small opinion/ego/perspective. So foolishness would make sense.

That’s how I hear/understand both.


I don’t know if anybody else had trouble making out the Hugo opening phrase that sounds like “ezz-EEE-gay”, but after listening to the speech sample slowed-down in isolation and running it past my brother’s German friend, we think it’s supposed to be “besiege”, which would make some sense.


I have the voice collection if you guys would rather have that. Its certainly alot easier to actually hear what they’re saying with that. I don’t know if I can post a link so we can take this to pm if you want.

As for Chun Li, I had to look it up because some of it wasn’t sounding familiar but some of her lines are in Chinese which makes sense why I couldn’t understand them lol.


What does Oro say:

1.) Before the match starts, sounds like "Eacha moonja"
2.) When he wins the match and scratches his ass, after the grunt.
3.) When he wins the match, flies around the world then comes back and sees his victim still napping.


“the guy playing you should’ve picked me instead”

but seriously, gamefaqs has translation faqs for the game somewhere. probably in the arcade or dc section. you could check those out if you’re interested. might just be romanization, but that’s still a fun read too.


GameFAQs: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Fight for the Future (ARC) Speech Translation FAQ by The True Warrior

For Oro:

Oro, The age-strengthened deathless Senjutsu master

  1. (Intro1) Icho munjaro = I’m going to smack you!
  2. (Intro 2) Yoku kitano… = Welcome… (This is a strange way of
    saying it.)
  3. (Intro 3) Himatsu bushi niwa naru kano! = At least I can use this
    time better than sleeping!
  4. (Taunt 1) Haraga tsui tano = I think I’m hungry!
  5. (Taunt 2) Nanka no! = Something’s not right!
  6. (Winpose) Yowai no! = You’re too weak!


You beat me to it. :arazz:


Greatly appreciated


“I’m gonna beat you senseless then fuck you silly!”

True story.


That faq is missing alot.

Is it possible to control your win pose?


I always presumed it was random, but maybe that’s just my lack of noticing. I’ll have a check if nobody’s answered by the time I fix my laptop.