What does MAME play?

Can it play Street Fighter 3: Third Strike? What about 3-D fighters?

Why do u post it up in TWO sections.to my knowledge no emu can support 3rd strike

cuz he’s a noob at bootlegging and didnt bother reading the rules

Well i made a mistake on the forum so i posted on the other one. I noticed the mistake early.

Mame32 plays 3d fighters and also can play 3rd Strike you need some plugins to make it work but you can play it. However the Quality is poor certainly not worth the Hassle it takes to make it run :tdown:

Mame32 does not play 3rd Strike.



Chankast is the only emu that can run 3S so far and it doesnt even run it well, but that is a Dreamcast emu. Besides that, Input lag + Graphical lag = Sux0rs

Ok if a PC can run games like Doom 3, wouldn’t it be possible to play PS2 games? Like a PS2 emulator. Do they exsit? Now how about giving it online option like mame? That way we can enable currant offline PS2 games to go online. Now i’m sure everyone would love to play PS2 games online. (Tekken 5, SC2 ect…) Ok now i haven’t heard of such an emulator, so im determined to make one for the sake of online gaming. The problem is i have no idea or experiance of programing. Where can these skills be learnned?


jesus christ :rolleyes:

btw, ps2 emulators run like crap. emulation is nothing like simply running a pc game like doom3, unlke what you seem to think.

also programming an emulator is nowhere near as simple as you seem to think it is, it will take years to pick up the skills required to do such a mammoth project from scratch.

I have a question… if I got a high end graphics card (my pc is 3 Ghrtz Pentium 4) would Sega STV and Model 2 games run on my machine?

right now the games come up but are buggy and really slow.

See my reply here :tup:


ok, the PS2 emulator has to emulate all of the parts of the PS2. To my knowledge there is only 1 emulator that can even run commerical games. Which is still only a handful of them. And even then the average play speed is about 2-5 frames per second. or roughly 12 to 30 times slower than it normally should be played.

So wait, about 4-5 years when the emulation is more ironed out. And even then you’ll need a top of the line computer of them to run it at full speed. So be patient.

For mame32 running 3s… sorry but it doesn’t run. It maybe in the gamelist but thats more for documentation purposes. Whenever whoever breaks CPS3 decryption it’ll be easier to emulate and may eventually be playable but that’s still several years off.

the latest mame does run several 3D fighters, from the system 11,system 12, zn1 and zn2 boards. However finding a port of it that has kaillera support is hard, and even if you do most people using mame on kaillera are using the old version which doesn’t even have those games :-\ Plus mames a resource hog anyway so you’d need a top of a line computer to stand a chance of it running at a decent speed.

pretty much this… well done shinji :tup: :tup: :tup:

I have a hacked version of mame 0.90 which plays quite a lot of 3D and new games and it also has netplay. Got hold of it via bittorent.

The D games that run decent are games like tekken 2, DOA, fighting layer, SFEX, and maybe sum more but i have not tested all games.