What does more damage?

Parry FP 360


HP Palm Bomber, LP Palm Bomber, EX Lariat

I’d assume the latter.

But does anyone know for sure?


Also is it possible to do an Ultra Throw > Ex Palm Bomber > Back Breaker? I’m pretty sure people have done this to me before, and although i’ve only attempted to do it 10 or so times I can’t get it to work. I can do the non EX version every time though, so perhaps the timing is significantly different?

The latter does more damage, but is harder to connect with.
There is very little difference other than the stun damage being higher, so you’re better off going for the FP 360 due to having higher chances in connecting then the latter.

It is possible, but you have to delay the EX Palm Bomber just slighty, so that it hits only 2 times instead of all 3 hits. Then you can follow up with the Backbreaker.

Cool thanks for the response.

How much more damage does the Ex version of that juggle do? Probably not worth the meter?

not worth the meter…

take what’s guaranteed. parried uppercut and parried chun li super are the only instances I know where you can land the latter combo.

It’s more for looks than anything. Damage is almost the same, but like people say, it is not worth the meter.
Save that meter for an EX clothesline or SA.

Makoto super as well.
If you parried an uppercut and clapped wouldn’t it just send them into the air?

Something that YSB landed on me once which I try and use whenever I can - he parries a low sweep (RH) and then does the clap clap combo. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw it.

you gotta time it perfect so that it hits them on landing frame recovery

it’s not that hard really. If you can 360 a blocked/whiffed/parried uppercut. you can time a clap in the same way.

sweep parried is handy to know.

If you fuck it up and do the clap too early though and it knocks them out of the air, you can at least squeeze in a backbreaker right after, not necessarily in the corner; I also do it on purpose when I’m not feeling too confident to pull the clap-clap-ex, or don’t need to do it.

I have trouble doing it without the EX clap. Is it worth learning this or is punishing with a 360 enough? Or does Ultra throw > Clap > Backbreaker do that much more damage?

when you are thinking about what option to use remember to think about positioning also and not just damage. the highest damage option isn’t the best if a lower damage option puts them in the corner where you can get a stronger offense going.
as far as damage they are bout equal but ultra throw > clap > backbreaker if it puts them in the corner from where you do the combo is gonna be better.
however since ultra throw is slower and less reliable the openings for it aren’t as big.