What does Rog say in jap Ultra 1?



like topic.


He say’s “No Escape” in a thick Japanese-American accent.

I used to think he said “Now! It’s time” but that’s wrong.


Well the Jap>Eng words are “Nao… ESCKAEP!” and the rest is just a blur to me… I presume the Jap voice is also just punching grunts after the No Escape comment though I often thought the Jap Voice was actually saying some words but it’s not likely.

Ironically, despite the ENG Voice and all previous Balrogs in SF games shouting “NO ESCAPE” for Ultra/Supers, when I first picked up Balrog I used to think (And still like to think) he shouts “NOW… IT’S TIME!” [To Get Paid]…

Honestly, boot up any Balrog vid in S/SF4 where an Ultra is performed and when he does, think “Now… It’s TIME!”

I can’t stand 99% of the characters ENG voices, especially Balrogs so I stick to the ever amusing Jap voice where he giggles like a demented scumbag anytime he headbutts and still think of the above comment anytime I get an Ultra.



haha Rope we thought the same thing.

I dunno, I like to refer to his U1 as TIME TO GET PAID instead of Violent Buffalo or whatever it’s called.



Bad quality but another No Escape.

@Porter: Aye, you got the reply in before me while I was typing up that big rant - I suspect we’re not alone regarding No Escape vs Now It’s Time!


cvs2 voice actor for ssf4 please!


On a somewhat related topic, is Japanese Honda saying “You can’t escape!” when he does EX. Sumo Headbutt?


He says something in Japanese. No English/Engrish at all.


I thought it was “Now, you pay!” or “No escape!”

I just can’t fit any of the other popular phrases in. Doesn’t match up to me.


I didn’t even think he was speaking. I thought he said “wwoo hee heaahhhh”.


He totally says “Dont be gay!”


Necessary correction made.


I thought it was “Time to get paid!”


Thought he said “go in pain”


What the? I never thought this was a discussion. It’s always been blatantly obvious to me what it was.

That’s why in Black Ops I use the “No Escape” background for my callsign. Haha.

What about when japanese Barlog dies? He says “WAASSS HUU NAAHH”